Teaming up with Big Huge Games

Why AoE team don’t cordinate the BHG for this AoE IV development, instead chose for the Relic??? As they did cordinated for the expansion pack;- AoE III;- Asian Dynasties. It will be a great opportunity.

And then they made a Pay2win mobile trash called Dominations. At least Relic is active in making RTS and has their own engine


I dont even know if BHG is still around. And I wouldn’t compare them to Relic, Relic is in a different league.

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I think they chose Relic because they have experience in World War era games

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Yeah maybe. BHG not doesn’t doesn’t show up after 2004; the rise of nations franchise. They should had contniued the extension of RON or created other new pc rts, but they failed to show up.

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