Tech switch cost reduction

Would it be a ridiculous idea to lower the costs of all upgrades a bit(especially unit upgrades)? As things are now, it feels like it’s very punishing to go for a different type of unit than you decided on at the start, too punishing to be economically or strategically viable atleast. Most games I played revolve around getting a critical mass of 1 type of units and then breaking your opponents eco to secure the win. Food for thought.

I don’t think tech and upgrade costs should be reduced. in general you should be mixing two unit types (outside of siege) into your standard army. 1 ranged, and 1 melee, 1 being gold, and 1 being trash, that complement each other.
so like Archers + Pikes
or Knights + Skirms.

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Im mostly fine with the Cost of Most techs but some UTs should get a Cost reduction for example bearded Axe, Royal heirs, logistica, shinkichon,…

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My point was once you decide to build Knights + Skirms, you’re stuck building Knights + Skirms the whole game, switching to Infantry or Archers carries a cost too high to be feasible. Which is a shame, it seems to me and an opportunity missed for some fun rock paper scissors back and forth.

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I agree with the concept, but I’m not sure I agree with your examples.
If you have FU knight+skirms, getting the upgrades to go (Cav)Archers is relatively cheap. And a switch into champion, whilst expensive, can be extremely valuable; straight-up game-winning in some situations.

The tech-switch that bothers me most is between Paladin and Elite Step Lancer. Onager v Heavy Scorpion is another one.

im not sure i agree with your examples ^^ why would you go from paladin to SL???

another issue with the sword line… how expensive it is to tech switch for such situational results


They’re cheaper, and their range can be useful. Much more cost-effective against halbedier, as far as I can tell. I know you’re joking about the fact that SL are generally considered one of the worst units in the game. I actually think a mix of knights & step-lancers is more powerful than either unit on its own.

The reason these transitions bother me is precisely because no one would ever transition Paladin -> ESL or Onager -> HScorpion.

Maybe just make blacksmith techs x% cheaper for every tech already researched? could be a fun civ bonus.

I mean Chinese get a tech reduction cost

Technologies are 10%/15%/20% cheaper in the Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age.