Technical error with memory,swap file

There are problems with memory consumption and/or memory leakage. the game has repeatedly crashed when loading the map for 8 people. the first time it crashed after the winter update on November 30. the last time was on December 10 after the patch. devours all virtual memory - about 15 GB only on AOE 4, while not using RAM


conducted my own investigation:

  1. launched the game - 15.2GB of memory / 25 GB of swap is occupied.
  2. we started the game for 8 people: 16.9 memory / 26.8 swap.
  3. finished: 15.9 memory / 28.8 swap
  4. the second game started for 8 people: 17.2 memory / 30.6 swap
  5. finished: 17,6 memory and 32.4 swap

there is an obvious problem with the swap file, it only grows, it is not cleared after the battle

Thank you @chelny16! If you could contact support with your DxDiag and warnings.log file, it would be tremendously helpful.

sended all files. for now, the solution is to restart the game every 1-2 games. if anyone has something like this, restart the game. it won’t take much time.

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