Templars/Hospitallers/Teutonic units as Order of the Dragon?

The pics of the new units got me thinking.
Given the religious focus of the HRE and the ‘elite units’ focus of the new Order of the Dragon subfaction, do you guys think it likely that we will end up seeing the new crusader knight models as some sort of special units for the new faction? Or is it likelier that we’re going to see them similar to Dawn of the Dukes, as enemies in the campaign only and mods?

I understood that the Order is not going to have new units but the same HRE roster, albeit much stronger and more expensive. The goal is to have a small, powerful army easier to manage, especially for those who suffer from cognitive overload. It was stated in the last news.

This, enemies in the new Crusades campaign.

Well, this just feels like even more of a miss then. You’ve got assets that you made (detailed ones, by the looks of it) that only end up as throw-aways, while the new sub-factions that are the meat of the expansion have to re-use assets. I… don’t understand.


It sounds like a win win to create the sub factions you play against in the campaigns as random map sub factions. It would add so much more depth to the campaign challenge.
and justifies putting more effort into the variant civs

The HRE will continue as now…the Order of the Dragon will have unique Aragonese, Magyar and Balkan units…

The Order flourished during the first half of the 15th century, primarily in Germany and Italy. After Sigismund’s death in 1437, its importance declined in Western Europe. However, after the Fall of Constantinople in 1453, it continued to play a role in Hungary, Serbia and Romania, which bore the brunt of the Ottoman incursions. The Prince of Wallachia Vlad II Dracul, the father of Vlad the Impaler, took his name from the Order of the Dragon.

Yes, that means that for example we could fight against Normans, Danes, Poland, Hungary, Novgorod and Lithuania…

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I doubt that. By the screenshots I see only reskinned HRE units.

So lazy… maybe they’ll put more UU forward…

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Well, I have many theories about this:

  • Landmarks.- The present information said that some of the variant civs would have new landmarks. I’m not sure if that’s true, or if it’s just for some of the new civs. In the teaser they showed several landmarks that the HRE already had for the supposed Order of the Dragon. Easy, only half are new landmarks (say, about three), and the rest of the originals have different effects.

  • Wonder.- I doubt that the wonder is the same, since the current wonder of the HRE is a Danish wonder (Kronborg), which as a curious fact, during that period the king of Denmark “sold” the country to the HRE, and although " de jure" or by oath they were different countries, in practice Denmark was governed by nobles from the HRE. The Order of the Dragon doesn’t involve Denmark, so I just hope its awesomeness is different. I may be wrong, I hope not.

  • Unique Units: It also mentioned that all variant civs would have new “Unique Units”. Considering this aspect, what appear to be reskin in the teaser are really unique units, which apparently replace several base units of the classic English army division (light and heavy infantry, light and heavy cavalry, archers and crossbowmen). In addition, it should be considered that the Black Army was one of the first armies in Europe to formalize the use of muskets to replace the Handcannon, having 1 in 4 of its troops muskets, an unusual ratio for those times.

  • Special Names: Regarding whether these unique units have a “Special” name for each one, say a type of mercenary from a country, kingdom or mercenary troop, that would be a nice touch.
    – As far as I know, Hungary at that time depended on immigrants for its army and mercenaries, such as the Kipchaks, Hussites (Bohemians), Serbs, Croats, Germans and not to forget the famous “Black Army”.
    – I hope it happens and they don’t give him generic names like "Men at Arm of the Order of the Dragon, Horseman of the Order of the Dragon, Knight of the Order of the Dragon", that would be lazy.
    – It happened before that some technologies had ambiguous or placeholder names, such as Saint’s Reach and Improved Blessing, those of the warrior monk, which happily changed when merged into Fervor, which is a real religious aspect.
    – At least the names for Juana’s unique units are nice, so i think the same will happens in this civ variant.

  • Unique technologies: From Hungary and Walacchia? I don’t know if there will be references or technologies referring to Vlad III, Vlad Draculea, but I think they should since he was one of their last leaders who carried the order’s coat of arms, thus saving them from having to do civ of Wallachia.

  • Teaser: So far I have confirmed it, due to the architecture (running joint tiles) and the design of the prelate, the units shown are from the Castle Age. Therefore there is no information on what they will be like in the Imperial age, which is curious because they generally keep the golden design for their elite version.

We already have a moderately older screenshot that shows a new unique heavy cav (probably a knight replacement) for the Order of the Dragon.

It is also confirmed on the variant civ info that HRE idea came from " What would an Age of Empires version of a low-unit-count army of powerful units look like?" so clearly they will have high cost, probably high pop units.

Of course, I think there could be units like the Hussite wagons (Bohemians), Magyar Hussars, Stradiot (returning from AoE 3) and some other units that left me wondering…