Temporary addition of new civ


It’s very fun to have new civ to play but I don’t beleive that’s great to have 4 new civ every 6 month.
It could be great if new civ are available in rank game for only 1 years.
Every year, in the main menu of the game, there is a poll and we choose the(or two) civ we want to keep in rank game (and still be available in SP, unrank game…).
For the poll I think the best will be to have an electoral system with multiple ordered preferences.

not a fan of the idea of civs being around temporarily.


Kinda sounds lame and would not enjoy this kind of change

I dont like this idea. We dont need any new civs for ranked. I dont think temporary civs are a good idea either.

More civilizations are needed for scenarios mostly,this dosent make much meaning.

No, sorry. I don’t like it.

The current rythm seems to be 4 civs p/ year, not every 6 months. I think that’s still too much, tho. It should be 2 civs p/ year.


Ranked needs to be locked at random civs, and then maybe statistics will start to look somewhat accurate

New civs bring a lot more content value to single player than they do to ranked multiplayer.

I totally disagree to this temporary civ idea. Doesn’t make sense at all.

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Very bad idea. It doesn’t make any sense.

Look like a really messy idea. I would prefer new civs added for SP and unranked play only, cause competitive MP already struggles to handle the existing 37 civs.

You could do that for event challenge scenarios and perhaps single player, but not for ranked in my opinion.

No not even for challenge scenarios it’s waste of assets.

Why don’t they just let people mod their own civs? Add them instead of changing current civs. It would satisfy those peasants that complain when we get new civs because it wasn’t what THEY wanted…
Like THEY are the only people who play the game

It would be interesting (if not for ranked) to have a civ creator like in Empire Earth


I get the idea behind it and it sounds fun at first but its just impossible to be done in a way that makes fans happy or is worth the work (like if I end up liking playing as Vandals I dont want them gone). The only way I see it working is if its a tease of future DLCs

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Yeah it wouldn’t be for ranked. But it would be fun for Singleplayer and modded unranked lobbies.