Temporary Ban Policy

The temporary ban policy is really annoying and absurd in its actual application.

Someone left a game, he is in my team, i dont know him nor the other guy (it’s a 3v3). But if i left the game before a certain time mark which i dont know for sure, some say it is at the 5min without any proof, I’m then banned for leaving too early. This is a nonsense.

I could have send all my vill to die instantly, or i could have stopped playing and i wouldnt be banned BUT the amount of time my opponents wasted is far more than if i left asap. The game must have a way to know I left after someone and that i didnt tagged with him intentionnaly. In addition if you consider that the game seems unstable for a lot of people the dude that left in the first place have a lot of chance to just be also a victim.

I cant be the only one really disturbed by this way of doing.

Yes I agree. But it seems that this issue would never be fixed

Yeah, but how would you design it?

I fail to see a ban policy that would actually work of Age of Empires 2.

  • Moving them into a ‘low trust’ pool like in Dota 2 or Counter-Strike full of people who also leave is not an option due to the small number of players.
  • Giving you a 5 minutes timer after someone left would be a waste of 5 minutes, better if an ally leaves say “an ally left the game, the game is safe to leave” like in Dota 2.

I think the best thing to do is simply making being the first to leave more punishing (if you don’t intend to end it, don’t start a ranked game) while making it safe to leave afterwards for everyone in the team who isn’t the first to leave. Or maybe a 2 minute counter so that you have time to decide whether you want to keep playing or not.

Didnt the dev just confirm this time?

Yes, the system is bad for playing TGs with randoms. Just someone need to leave early and you have two options:

  • Stay until the 5 minute mark.
  • Leave and get punished as well

I would suggest a small tweak:

  1. If you play with randoms: only the first one will get punished, others are free to leave after the first quitter.
  2. If you play as team, then the 5 minute rule will count for everyone in a team. This is to make sure premades can’t exploit the rules by quitting one by one as first of their time, and left the others get a freebee.