Terrain AoE 1 Definitive Edition

There is some comments about how the terrain has changed from the original. As cliffs are no more brown, anyone willing to give his opinion about this?
It seems that the size of units and houses has been solved at it gives a better look from overall view.

In my opinion a mixture of colours would be nice. It mould make the terrain more interesting, especially if you use the new zoom function.

I like the new style, it’s just as semi-realistic as the original game (at least, with the tools they had back then). I’m really quite glad they didn’t go the cartoony route like more recent strategy games (AoE online, civ 6, etc)

@UnseatedParty66 That was a try for an online F2P Game… Of course they didn’t took it seriously, you could see how it went.

I like the new style of cliffs tbh, they seem a lot more relistic and fit in well with the terrain currently seen in the trailer

I think the new cliffs are a little bit too sheer. The old brown cliffs had a more sloped jagged look to them. Also the height of the new cliffs seems to be taller now since they’re this sheer. It compounds a bit strangely in my opinion when they plateau right on top of each other.

Although it is very good work, the land gives me the feeling that it lacks brightness and contrast, the grass and the stone are very dull.

@Yaeru said:
Although it is very good work, the land gives me the feeling that it lacks brightness and contrast, the grass and the stone are very dull.

you have to keep in mind it’s all still in alpha, they’re just trying to give us a rough idea of what we are supposed to expect, trying to build up some hype, get us to spread the word to get them as many sales as possible. They even said this on the forgotten empire site:

Aldo Fregoso - 2 days ago
I really got excited about this remaster, but I felt uneasy with the graphics, something looked wrong, after
pausing the video and looking at the details I figured out that there is no blood, the corpses look like
mannequins in the remastered version… Why? Most of us played AoE when we were kids, and I can assure you > none of us turned into psychopaths as the media is trying to convey. Please don’t ruin the game for the sake > of Political Correctness…

Cysion Mod Aldo Fregoso - 2 days ago
Hey Aldo! There will be blood at release. We are currently in beta and still polishing the game. Adding blood to the corpses is something we will do after we have completely finished the unit graphics.

@UnseatedParty66 Yes, blood isn’t important right now, they need to solve lot of mechanics before that. Hope we can have a sight to all textures in the beta, the better they are the more inmerse que can be in the game :slight_smile:
Also, I would like to see the textures of ruins and artifacts n.n

Well modding should do the trick :slight_smile:

option for original but HD would be awesome

We can nit-pick, but I’ve only dreamed of seeing AOE models with more details than the original sprites.
After working with 256 colors and low-res sprites, this is literally a dream come true!

I kinda like the cliffs, but not too big of a fan about the grass and especially the water. Too dark I guess.

They did say the graphics/animations weren’t final as of the moment the trailer was shown so expect it to improve even more,

I would like to see the cliff sprites changed by blending with alternative cliff sprites depending on their underlying terrain, this way cliffs would look more natural in certain environments - deserty cliffs when ontop of desert, brown when on dirt, gray when on grasses. etc.

It looks nice :slight_smile:

I like the new cliffs, they look great. What I don’t like about the new terrain is it’s dull colours, it’s not vibrant enough and details don’t stand out like they used to due to lack of contrast. This makes the overall picture harder to read and makes it a bit boring to look at - even if each individual part looks great on it’s own

I like the new cliffs, but I do think they look a little…overwhelming? Just a bit too tall for my tastes. I do like how, despite the game’s grid structure, the ground looks less grid-like and more realistic/lifelike.

So far I like what I saw. Personally I would not bother too much with these kind of small influences. They have people trained to decide and design on all these things and I am sure they would do a better job than most of us here :smile: No doubt this will be good enough.

Life is change. When you “upgrade” a 20 years old game, you have to decide which things need to be remade. The old brown cliffs won’t look realistic with the current graphic upgrade. Why did they change the colour?
It is possible that this softer color fits better with water.