Terrain bonus for farming

Simple, a kind of fertile soil spreaded in random places of the map that give farms placed on it a bonus of food and harvest speed.

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While i dont think its a bad idea i think it goes against what most people here expect from the game and adds another level of eco management complexity combined with the RNG aspect…

Thanks for response. I think is a good complexity. It would add point of interest for map control, plus in the late game

Sounds like an interesting feature for a future map. Kinda like the cracked terrain that reduces buildings durability. Might make for a nice fight over the fertile ground.


Cool idea!

Spirit of the Law would end up doing a video about it, entitled, “Is it worth milling the fertile soil?”


This is a change I’m 100% behind. It’s not even a thought.

Imagine actually having strategies that are generally considered too expensive for 1v1 being unlocked by map control. It’s really going to be dependent on where the limits for the spawns for this kind of thing are (assuming it’s worked into map scripts of the old maps, not only for new map types) so that someone doesn’t just have better farms safe in the back of their base, but maybe planned lowgrounds in the map surrounding the base (but not within the natural resource spawns).

Additionally, maps can be created with this type of mapping generation in a safe location, which will shape the meta in a way like a Hybrid map does without the inevitable balancing act common to properly splitting population but with the result being more resources to spend.

Certainly, they could screw up the map generations and give players an edge if the scripting goes wrong on the older established maps, but having this in the toolkit, if only to be utilized in new maps is a no-brainer.

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I don’t think it would be cool for already existing maps, because well, RNG, but maybe a new map à la Gold rush where instead of competing for a huge mass of gold you compete for more farming eco. Even then I don’t feel people would like it because you don’t need to invest much ressources to mine that gold, while getting pushed of your farms would be a huge wood waste.

That makes me feel that it would lead to very snowbally games. At least on Gold rush you can still make trash units to hold, but if one player has the food to get eles or siege onager and the opponent can’t even make villagers and trash at the same time…

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It would change the games too much. If it becomes real, it should be only one some maps and these maps should not be included in ranked map pool. For the only reason: RNG and breaks of balance.

The idea can be cool for a new game… like Age of empire 4 :wink:

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When I mean “unlocked by map control” I don’t mean “The more valuable dirt is only in the middle of the map” I mean “rich patches of land are interspersed along the fringe areas past primary woodlines and such as an additional resource location to be claimed by players” where how important that will be or how useful that will be will depend on what composition you want to field.

And for “new map ideas” I’m also not talking about fertile ground rush. I mean actually diversifying the average farm value on newer maps by introducing that terrain in relatively safe locations (as opposed to placing them more in the outskirts) to track the map towards a more greedy composition than is what is generally allowed. The map would have to be balanced with such conditions in mind.

I think this terrain used as the bait in a KOTH type resource map makes absolutely no sense and is precisely what I wouldn’t want to see the devs do with it.

Let’s scrap the farm rush idea it would suck indeed. Actually I might be on board with this idea if it ends up nerfing heavy walling 11

SotL already mentioned it in a video.

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Thanks for the link. Indeed, SotL mentions his support for fertile soil!

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I wouldn’t mind seeing this as a primary feature in AOE4!

I could also see adding it, as others here have said, for new maps and things like mega random. It would be cool If it was related to proximity to water, like Nile delta actually having good farming next to the water. It would also be a cool thing to add to real world maps.

Primarily I could see it being great for custom maps and scenarios, though maybe not great for competitive ranked maps like Arabia.

I didn’t see this video haha I have been thinking for a long time to post some ideas about differents terrains and their effects in units and building stats.
I would love to see an AOE2 with much more battle variables pushing players to change strats on the progress of a match.

How I see it, if fertile ground was implemented onto current open maps, I think it would be the direct alternative. Imagine having ~15% of the map of Arabia patched with fertile ground, sorta like how treelines are spawned but with a further minimum distance spawn.

If someone wants to play aggressive to control their own fertile areas they’ll be granted a more valuable economy as a result, at the cost of being more vulnerable to raids by stretching their economy. Alternatively, a player can play it defensive, and just focus on securing a more standard eco but need to forgo such an option until they can retake map control later on. Or they can go for the most Chinese of walls AOE has ever seen and take it all but I think that should lose to everything.

There’s probably tens of new map designs that can really utilize this new terrain to create a different experience, and how I see it, more maps are not a bad thing, even if the maps don’t turn out great. If the map doesn’t end up being fun, people won’t play it. The horror. The worst possible scenario is the world we currently live in: The terrain doesn’t even exist for us to fiddle with and try new things, and maybe making fun happen. It can only be a bad thing that this doesn’t exist to be played with.


Great Idea! But i think this would turn aoe is something less aoe if u understand, better put it in the scenario editor, i am sure it will be used great overthere.

No, i dont understand. Why would terrain affecting gameplay be not aoe2? I would even argue that exploiting your map is one of the things that really make aoe2 stand out.

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i think this would be something interesting for a new map, but not for implementation in other maps (without testing).

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