[Terrible design] Military collision boxes are extremely small

During yesterday’s weekly stream I noticed that the military units have small collision boxes which results in a train of units. Is this how pathing issues are addressed? By just changing their collision boxes?

That was done during Closed Beta as well for villagers and it was horrible game play experience.

See for yourself at this video (skip to 55min 20seconds):

Notice the Elephant Archers of brown? They are like inside each other.

Why AoE:DE Developers. Why are you doing this to us. Why did you break the Steam version.

It. Just. Makes. No. Sense.

yes, it is, he smaller he boxes the better the movement

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Game Version: Steam/Build 28529

Ship collision detection stops working and they collapse into each other. This doesnt seem to be affected by the move command or attacking something. Once I moved units away from each other, things seem to be working normally again.

Reproduction Steps:
This happened to me in the last mission during the Babylon campaign mission, when I noticed that I have like 10 ships almost at the same position overlapping each other. To reproduce it I tried the same mission again, played a while with the ships and it happened again, this time only 3 of them.


Thought this beta bug solved…

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Something similar happens with the Elephant Archers.

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I believe there was a change to the collision box to help pathfinding that made it like this -not a bug, its fine imo.

It is not fine. This behaviour is non existent in the 27xxx client, which was the one just before Steam client got released.

Collisions seem non existent and stacking units has terrible impact on game play in both Random Map and Death Match. One of the major issues next to FPS lag.

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There is also a flaw when AI players put docks near front of an edge of the map. Ship collision breaks AI and ships get stuck there.

I have two ships in port stuck, and could not move anywhere
Build 35199


This has nothing to do with the units group tightly as shown on the image, but with unit spawning from a building.

In classic AoE, if a building cannot place a unit, it tries another location. But classic AoE didn’t had rally points so if the location was invalid, it wouldn’t be placed and training be halted at 100%. Therefore invalid spawning was impossible. The developers really thought of this.

In AoE:DE the buildings use rally points and this behaves weird when the game cannot place the unit. It will place units inside of buildings or at impossible locations or on top of each other. Resulting in units getting stuck. My guess is developers did not take into account these or did not proper test them.