Terrible! Infinite resources bug in the Fourth Age

After studying construction technology in the University, 130% of the resources will be returned if the construction is cancelled.If this vicious loophole is not repaired, the only guarantee for our normal game is the moral standard of each player.

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Build, cancel, build, cancel, build, cancel……
Then players can get unlimited resources.
I’ve never seen such a bad game bug.

Hey @PitiedLamp41425! Could you be more specific about what you’re seeing? Which civ is this with? Which tech? Thanks!

It’s Court Architects. It gives you 30% extra resources back when you cancel a building. Normally you cancel a house and you get 50 wood back, but after getting this upgrade you get 65 wood back but it only cost 50 to build. It works with all buildings including keeps and wonders so you can generate infinite resources by just building and cancelling.

You are way behind the times. This has already been reported and acknowledged and there are like a dozen threads around about it. Go look at their known issues list.

I’m really sorry. I didn’t pay attention to The known issues list.This bug has been noticed.