Terrible ranking experience

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Try League of Legends ranked and I think you’ll come to the same conclusion.

my teammates are stupid and outrageous


WTF! ! ! My teammates are simply mentally retarded


My 4 enemies are as strong as me, but my teammates are 3 idiots, and I’m 1v7 every day


hose teammates who were not as good as me at the beginning of the season are now Conqueror 3, and I am immediately Gold 3

Hmmmm. Ok :slight_smile:


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

You can’t expect to play with the same level of skilled people joining random games at all times, and also there is difference with solo play vs team games.

Just because someone is high ranked solo doesn’t always mean they are as good or know how to play as a team. It’s different tactics needed for that.

I suggest that you find people to play ranked team games, get to know them and play through discord to not have this issue anymore.

Good luck!

So why not distribute my mentally handicapped teammates evenly on both sides, making the game 4v4 instead of 1v7, if I find teammates to form a team, the enemy is not a friend to form a team, I become 7v1, it is still unfair

Either you didn’t read my message or you didn’t understand it. Read it again.

And stop calling other people names like that, not nice.