Teutons buff suggestion

One idea to buff the Teutons, and especially the teutonic knight which is not viable enough in competitive settings.

Why not give them a stacking speed bonus for each relic gathered? Similar to the attack bonus mechanic of lithuanians.


  • TK weakness is the speed. Buffs the speed
  • Makes you work for it a bit rather than give it to you for free = the identity of the civ (strong and slow) is preserved
  • Giving teutons a bonus related to relics would be somewhat historically accurate
  • Teutons and lithuanians will be agressively fighting for relics in 1v1 matchup = historically accurate
  • More fun and unique than a boring armor buff


  • no cons

I saw a recent post on Reddit saying that it’s being added an update which indeed buffs the speed of the teutonic knights :smiley:

Hahaha, nice. I like my idea being popular among people.

I thought about it, and also I made a mod about it


In general you’re already “agressively fighting over relics” against Lith because you don’t want boosted cav flooding your base while you’re gold starved. And anyway, Lith are just designed to win vs Teutons, since Teutonic knights, Ironclad and the new bonus all are useless vs Leitis. And the faster start that Lith have + their monastery bonus will ensure they will have an edge in the relic race, regardless of how hard the Teuton dude wants these relics too.

In the end I truely don’t think this whole relic thing belongs to more than one civ.