Teutons new bonus

Teutons do not need free herbal medicine. Really no civ needs it. It’s still useless. Teutons are a slow civ with a slow UU. They should get no gold siege towers (or at least greatly discounted). This would help them be able to make their infantry push more viable.

Side note.
Like many people have said, siege towers are only used in troll situations in post imp with excess resources. They are already too expensive to be viable. If AOE wants infantry to be viable especially in castle and early imp they need to address this unit. It’s the best way to get past archers or towers to take out your opponents base or to stand a chance winning against archers with infantry.

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Herbal medicine is not useless, it is very good actually What if you get raided and your vils are low on health? They regain that why’ll in TC or whatever. I’ve learnt to start appreciating healing my units now instead of just throwing them away and sending an army of half health soldiers into battle. And your title is misleading, as you mentioned nothing about the Teuton team bonus (currently ‘units resist conversion’).

I’ve seen teuton players using their unique units inside rams, for both the extra speed and piercing armor. Due to the special tech, you end up with a fairly strong ram push.
Using cheap siege towers instead of rams could become popular. Maybe also apply the “infantry shoots arrows when inside buildings” to the siege towers, too?
Now that’s would be a game changer.


Most of the time people heal with monks so they can pressure the enemy at the same time or at least defend neutral territory. Also your villagers aren’t working if you’re just garrisoning them. You could heal them and have them work at the same time with a monk. Some units can’t even go in towers to heal.

I didn’t mean to say team bonus but just bonus.

They originally did shoot arrows but realized it was way too strong. It has like 200 pierce armor and is pretty fast.

They are essentially a taxi. I don’t see them being the meta but it would be a viable strategy to attack your opponent with infantry.

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I played teutons in around 10 games and already had the bonus save me big time.

I was pushing with castles while my mate had xbow/arbs later. It was Oasis so my 8 forward vills had to walk forever (i was pkt). While building the 2nd castle the vills took a big hit from a mangonel, reducing their health to 1-5hp, i hopped back in my last castle, waited 10secs and went back to building. Building the castle only 3 vills survived with all <5hp. The castle went up and the enemy resigned…

-> Teuton bonus won the game

I do like this idea to make the siege tower more viable. Honestly it should just not cost gold, or very little gold. It would be awesome to start seeing siege towers in every game considering how important they were to actual siege warfare in middle ages.

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Won’t they need a better unload then?
So if someone double walls, you can unload them over both at the same time.
Then they have to leave spaces between the walls.
Which would make shooting from behind the wall harder.

Yea I am not really sure what exactly they can do or should do I just know it would be good to get them properly integrated into the game. As it stands they were kind of an afterthought unit that was just haphazardly thrown into an already complete game without much thought being put into its proper utility. It would be good to kind of tweak some of the wall mechanics to be honest, I don’t know if this is possible but something like making it so that your units accuracy drops when shooting from behind a wall or that walls reduce visibility you build a tower or outpost near them or even unless you use a siege tower which would give you an elevation and allow you to see behind the wall. That way you could actually give people another good reason to use the siege tower as a specialized scouting unit.

The free herbal medicine tech for Teutons isn’t awful, it’s just a little situational and underwhelming. I think that it was meant to synergize with certain Teuton bonuses such as 2x tower garrison capacity, and crenellations allowing infantry to fire arrows (while they heal faster). Would be nice to see the Teutons get a couple other minor buffs. One idea I had is to change the name of the “Ironclad” tech to “Crusade”, and have it give Teutonic Knights +10% speed, along with the siege unit armor. They’d still be slower than champs, but not so painfully lethargic.

Considered as a weaker civ in players’ common sense, making Teutons at least have the Light Cavalry and Husbandry (means just the full Paladin) is really helpful to improve their situation. It echoes the name of the Teutonic Order and won’t be too overpower to keep the theme of infantry civ.

Maybe let the Teutonic Knight mounted as a weaker knight in the beginning, easy to be killed (unmounted) and then stand up in the original infantry mode, fighting the enemy on foot, such like the Konnik. Just help Teutonic Knights to arrive the front more quickly and battle as an infantries for reflecting the history and keeping the game tradition.

Teuton tower Rush becomes better and better after the free herbs, great, but it should not be the only meta. Come on please, they were such a famous Order of Cavalry instead of tower builders and siege weapon drivers.

Siege towers are massive, shouldn’t they be expensive?
At least huge amounts of wood and long training time.
Nerfing archers inside would make it more balanced, but wierd.
From atop a siege tower they’d have even better view and defenses.

The only way I see to balance them is to make them immobile while inseders can shoot and with a long pack/unpack time during which those inside are vulnerable.
That way they become somewhat mobile towers, but different.
And they should be expensive and unable to ride over shallows and take all slots in a transport ship.

Actually the civ that gets the most benefit out of siege towers are already the Teutons, I’ve read many players who liked using them with TK, and Ironclad cancels their negative armor. As far as I’ve tested it Herbal medicine is now fast enough for big armies, and it has uses like rotating your troops when you defend a castle. I prefer this over monks (even for non-Teutons), cuz it’s faster for big armies, you don’t have to spend your time getting the monks out of your mixed cav army 1 by 1 (they LOVE playing hide-and-seek lmao) and it doesn’t drop like flies and is cheaper in the long run.

Yes these are good points, which is why I think the only way to integrate it into the game is to weaken everything else against walls or somehow tweak game balance like some of my suggestions above so that they become almost necessary when it comes to attacking an opponent defended by walls, otherwise why would anyone make them? At the moment there is almost no need for them because its easier to bust a hole through a wall with conventional means and even attack from the other side with perfect visibility and accuracy with archers etc…

Siege Tower with current price should’ve attacking ability. If gold price are removed and I hope they really do then I have no complains them being the ability not to attack all. Devs just screwed the game code and switched wall jumping with attacking. This unit should attack when Archers are garrisoned otherwise nothing. For generic civ they can export infantry having no ability to attack. But Teutons thanks to civ bonus will be able to do that and makes sense from both historical and balance wise. They are fairly easy to counter.