Teutons Team Bonus and Civ Bonus Change

I suggest that Teutons’ Team bonus for conversion resistance be switched out for the monks having double healing range / while the conversion resistance remains as a Teuton bonus.

This goes in-line with monk-themed team bonuses

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And conversion resistance is a monk themed bonus, so why change it?

That’s not wrong, I consider the healing range to be more of a monk buff than adding conversion resistance to all ally units / while it helps tremendously with early knights and war elephant types, monks don’t need to be always countered with said units / persians now have trash bows for that / and many other civs have other counters to utilize.

Aztec conversions acting faster is a unique tech, I believe the Teutons’ Conversions being slower should remain in the same-line or similar.

Healing range is in my mind more important, it keeps monks slightly further from the main fray of battle when needed and more able to convert from further distances due to that in emergencies.

Just completely unnecessary.


Teutons conversion resistance isn’t at the same level of the monastery tech or first crusade to begin with. It’s already inferior to both.

Well it does start without needing to tech into it; It’s to be expected

Point is. There is zero need for this change.

Byzantines add monk heal speed to all allies, Teutons adding Monk heal range helps further / while further monk team bonuses would be interesting - for instance slavs adding +3/3 armor

Just because you find something yo be interesting isn’t grounds for the change.

The fact is though that thr current bonus is also thematic with the civ. Slow. Powerful. Resistant.

They also largely represent the crusader states so making them resistant to conversion is further thematic with the civ

None of that would change for the civ itself either

The main difference is how the team bonus effects allies

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But doubling the healing range makes zero sense for a team bonus. It’s not thematic with the civ at all. They weren’t known as healers or restorers.

All this is, is change for the sake of change.

As far as in-game, they would pass along their knowledge just as byzantines do

I love how Mat is always there to make people think rationally. He should work in the balance team.

We’re the Germans and teutonic orders known as well respected healers above and beyond others? Based on what I see online - no.

What I do know is that they were fanatical in spreading their beliefs and being against others. Which is shown in their current team bonus.

No thanks, wouldn’t want that

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Should I take this personally? O.o

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Heck no. I’ve got Germanic background too.

That is true, perhaps changing the bonus to be part of their unique techs as an additional affect with increased cost while not taking away from the previous unique techs.

Or how about leaving the bonus as is.

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That’s about as far as I go with my opinion, I appreciate your time, this was a nice talk / for anyone else feel free to sound off below if you’d like to continue the conversation