Teutons Top Player Strats

It seems like some of the 1650+ players have “cracked” Teutons post patch and their win rate is around 70%.

Anyone having to share insights of this strat especially on ariabia would be welcome

maybe a recorded game i have missed would be nice

Probably just getting picked more than ever to try 7 melee armor knights, they weren’t a very bad civ, just lacking a good flavor for wanting to play with them. Lack of mobility and ranged units hurts their viability. Every time I saw pros using them ended with Halb SO wins

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Same with Khmer having low win rates. They are still good but I guess when people get them (either to test them or through random) they over react to the fact they got a nerfed civ and tend to lose more.


the actual reason for that win rate: twitch chat repeatedly asks top player to play teutons on their stream -> they do it actually quite often if they know that they wont face a top player 100% sure -> get matched with 1700-2000 player -> win like 99% of the time -> high teuton win rate


Number of teuton picks is pretty averages to me at top level.

This is good point if you look at win rate: Dont just compare win rate, but also have a look at the match ups. If it was always 22k v 17k and therefore winrate is high, it is something different than teutons are OP.

I think we dont have the data available at some site at this moment.

We know can crack the code for Teutons at lower levels:

I havent watch it, but most guides of Hera are great :wink: