Tg ladder still broken

tg ladder still broken.

smurfs will maybe not show up in top100 but it’s still impossible to play tg.
all the knows smurfers at mid/low level are still there, they still get ~100 games until their account is adjusted.

red performance marker all over scoreboard after minute 30, but that’s another story.

It will definitely take a few weeks to things to settle again.

it’s so bad by design it’s impossible to settle

That’s simply wrong. Now that elo is not as inflated, it will take a lot less game for them to get to the ELO they belong to.


A change in calculation need some time to settle. So it is to early to draw conclusions based on your games.

That being said, the changes are bad from an theoretical point of view. As result I don’t expect that it is getting better. The calculations are just bad designed.

no it’s not.
look at stray dog’s smurf:
the closer he will get to his actual rating, he slower he will rise.
also he will never have a winrate close to 50% over his last few matches.

it’s just super bad design again.