TG-Matchmaking Improvements (from a 2k+ Players POV)

I hope this reaches some developer and we see further improving of the Matchmaking (MM)
I have some ~700 games on MM and will just give some input on what could be done. (btw i am a big fan of the MM function)

  1. Make Bans possible for 1v1 + 2v2/3v3 even if u queue for all (including 4v4)

  2. Make it possible to limit the lower range (not upper) so you dont have to play f.e. <1500 avg elo

  3. Automatically put players queuing up together on the same side

Some more (not so important) ideas:
-make the amount of players queueing visible
-give unique map pools for TG/1v1
-increase bans (f.e. if u are 3/4 players together u can ban 1-2 maps)
-make a “offer RE” option available in game
-show avg elo + winrate of opponent team while loading in (so u know if u need to play good or can chill)

Thanks for reading, have a nice day!


Id love to be able to adjust the server range depending on how many players are online on each of them. Generally speaking, more transparency in MM would be awesome.