TG Ranked system

just going to float a few ideas which really bugs me about ranked atm

  1. actual bans for these people playing 5 mins then quit out of the game
  2. stop queue banning people: to solve this give us more the one bloody ban i have played 10 arena games in a row i ban arena then its nomad besides if you have 3 mates you only can ban one that is beyond pathetic i want to play ranked because the morons in unranked quit over nothing but give us what we want more maps way MORE bans i am so damn sick of the same 3 maps that i don’t even like i want to come play the maps i want not arenax10 then nomadx10 i don’t mind waiting for the maps i want which i am sure others would agree and it would solve the problem of people alt f4 out of the queues
  3. actually include peoples 1v1 ranked in Team games matchmaking: so many times we have queued up end up vsing someone with the same tg ranked but top 200 1v1 the gap between ranks is beyond stupid it gets to the point where you are like whats the point eg played a 2v2 with a mate we are 1300ish get matched with 1500tg 1600 1v1 there should be a max of 100 elo gap between players the system you have in place is not working
  4. actually do something to improve the ranked experience: for too long you have don’t little to nothing to progress the game get the simple things done right then expand to whatever i find probably 1 out of 15 games is actually enjoyable the rest is either a complete demolishing job or you are vsing some very low elos
    you cant expect people to enjoy getting absolutely crushed because they are vsing people well beyond their skill level i have matched to top 50 tg players before the answer isnt team them with 700 tg elos actually revamp the system to make it fair for all because atm it is not at all

This isn’t possible though, because a lot of people don’t have 1v1 elos.


disagree alot do i cant wait 10th arena game of the day YAY!!!

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What? I’m commenting on you saying that the TG matchmaking system should incorporate 1v1 elo, which isn’t possible because some people only play team games, without having a 1v1 elo.


I think this is already in the game

how about quit after 15min to waste even longer ? It is quite common in low elo games.
how long should they get banned ?

There is no point to talk about TG because TG has never been balanced. For example, they still allow premade team vs solo players. and some civs are ridiculous strong at a certain elo on a certain map

i think you are very wrong

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i am talking about the ones that do play 1v1s selective reading

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Ok, few things. Why are you only now replying, literally over a month since my original comment. And secondly, you made a separate post (in response to my first comment), saying:

This had absolutely no relevance to what I’d first commented on, hence my second reply.

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@PrefectGannicus Yes! The core problem is that it doesn’t really make sense to base the estimation of a player’s skill (their elo rating) on winning a team game where the outcome is dependent on their teammates’ skill too, not just the individual player’s skill.

I proposed a solution that would not only make better matchmaking, it would remove the need for a ranked map pool. We could allow players to play whatever maps they want and still have an accurate evaluation of their skill.

Take a look and like the post so that maybe the devs will see it:

Non-Ladder Matchmaking and Smart ELO for Team Games

I am so sick of arena /fortress/ balck forest/ amazon tunnels/michi. For example this week we have arena and BF and fortress. I ban BF and every game is either arena or fortress. I just,never get other maps. It is beyond stupid. Pls solo players also need more bans.