Thank you devs for being communicative

It’s not common for a gaming company to be communicative with its player base so I’d like to say “thank you” for that stream you guys did. I hope you guys continue making those every 2-3 weeks. I’m glad you guys read forums and plan on being active in balancing/fixing and adjusting the game. It gives me hope and encourages me to actually play the game more. Again, thank you.

Also for the next time it would be cool if you made these streams more planned out and the info about it could be found both on social media, forums(maybe) and game client so more people could show up


Do you have a link to the stream?

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@Devrik1077 You can watch the VoD here: Twitch


It is awesome, and should continue.

@anon63664082 thank you!

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I think that stream and the communication was very important. Mood was trending to being completly negative in those forums and reddit but the stream helped I think.
Also very nice that the “new” chinese market exploit will be fixed together with the other stuff next week so we dont have to wait another week or something.
Excited to hop in again after this hotfix drops.
Thanks for the communication relic!

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Yeah, I´m quite a loud person if something is going wrong but probs for them who deserve it.

Thanks guys for the stream your doing a good job :wink: <3 <3 <3

Please keep us up to date and we will love u for that <3

greedings m4x

I also appreciate the stream. ONE POINT OF CRITICISM THOUGH:

Devs, you have created a webpage on the official site for tracking known issues. Just in case you lost the link, I pasted it below:

Please, for the love of sanity, will you update it? People have wasted gazillions of hours writing redundant posts about issues that are already identified and being tracked. If you would just maintain your own public list, and maybe pin it to the top of the “Report a Bug” forum, it would go a LONG way with the community.

People feel like the game is being ignored, when it’s not. Even in the round table today, there was not one specific word spoken about all the Delhi bugs (many of which were created by the last patch), despite those bugs being reported on the forums and at least some official comments of ackowledgment on those threads. The sanctity issue was talked about for the second time this week, as if that was the only Delhi thing people are talking about. It’s not. Probably 25% of the posts since the patch have been about Delhi specifically. Delhi comments were pouring through the stream, and they were mostly ignored. A simple “hey we know the patch created several issues with Delhi research that are compromising the competitive viability of the civ right now - we have identified those and are working on fixes, at least a few will be in next week’s patch” would have gone miles.

Throw a bone here. You don’t have to solve every issue in a week. But if there’s major outcry about many different aspects of a civ, at least provide SOMETHING.

That applies to the Mongol situation as well. There has been a LOT of feedback, even from top players, that Mongols are too strong right now. I get wanting to buff other civs to that level - the sentiment was great. I would love to see it. But you could still do something temporary. “Hey, we are working on comprehensive balance adjustments to try and bring other civs up to the gold standard that is Mongols right now. We can’t do that in a week. We will however implement a couple small Mongol nerfs (maybe increase cost of docks to target the hybrid map issue) as a short term adjustment to help a bit until the Spring update when we will roll back those nerfs and roll out other adjustments that are more in-line with our long term vision.”


It’s like a complete turn around! First few weeks I thought we weren’t gonna hear anything… But I love how much they are keeping us in the loop now!! It’s amazing!!! BIG thankyou to the Devs!!!

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Honestly I was not expecting something like this.
I am really thankful for these streams and I know what to expect. The devs are showing a great level of commitment to this game and to this community and its amazing that they are even planning to do more streams like this. Being changes good or bad at least they are explaining why they did what they did and what they are planning for the future.
I also wanna point out that I love the change they made to the springald, making it much weaker against non siege units and yet much stronger against siege units. Meaning springald won’t kill every unit like before giving now chance to build more variety of units and it also could potentially tone down the complete siege fest that late games have become as they will be much more effective against Bombards too.

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