Thank you devs.. keep rocking!

Just wanna say a lot of the issues that I had posted here were fixed and then some. I’m glad to know that the devs put in the work to solve so many issues!

Thank you and keep talking to us and keep rocking! Merry Christmas!


Cheers. This update has been incredible

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Glad for the improvements, but I have already found several new problems :slightly_frowning_face: Quite disappointed. I try to create bug reports for them all.


My game was working fine before the update, and now it’s crashing in EVERY possible match… Not so thanks for me…

my ranked game just got broken half way through the game, where it went down to 1fp5s. in other words 1 frame per 5 or 10 secs.

Tried the update, everything works great, thanks a lot. I think you overnerfed steppes and kipchaks tho.