Thank you Devs!

I just wanted to say, I was at first very pessimistic about the game for seemingly missing so many features compared to AOE 2 DE. We have better graphics and unique differences between our 8 civs, but overall the game felt like a huge step backwards and way less fun. Online play 4v4 was basically playing Age of Wonders - a rush to see who could get the first unstoppable Wonder up.

Excellent job doubling the cost of the Wonder - that was absolutely a step in the right direction! Great job making walls harder to build! My opinion is we could extend the times a bit for the Wonder/Sacred Site countdowns so there can be a little bit of tug of war before the game ends, but at least online is playable now!

I am now very optimistic hearing this latest roadmap, that these features are coming:

  • Patrol
  • Map Editor
  • Mods
  • Taunts
  • Cheats
  • Color Selection
  • Post-Game Map Viewing
  • Civ Randomizer
  • Waypoint Indicators
  • Proper Hotkeys
  • Online Map Voting

Yes! Yes! YES! If you stick to adding these things in and more, we will have ourselves a great game! Thank you for not ignoring the community! I was worried you were going to ignore the complaints and let this game die. I want to see this game thrive since I have gotten so much enjoyment out of all the AOE games (even including the ones you let die like AOE 1 and AOM, I love all the AOE!). Keep up the good work!


I Just want to say… Thank You!!!

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The fact they added what some discussed in the forums as a note and implemented it made my day about the patch. Credits due where they are owed, a really great job indeed. :heart_on_fire: :heart_on_fire: :heart_on_fire:

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How many of those 11 features everybody expected to be on launch?

Oh yes 11 …

So yeah … Thank you devs :slight_smile:


I totally agree. This game has a bright future ahead.
The lastet patches also show that we are definitely being listened to and the changes are going on the right direction.

Thank you devs.

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I still have reservation but I hope for a No Man Sky redemption arc for AoE IV when the promises are delivered.

Yeah, great news. Thank you. I can’t wait to hear the taunts :smiley: I hope i can choose the language of them ;D

cant believe they still dont mention TREATY MODE…


I am glad that the game is being actively developed despite the unfortunately declining player numbers. Many thanks for that. I am having a lot of fun playing AOE4.

I estimate that around early to mid 2023 AOE 4 will have the same features as AOE2. On the roadmap, for example, there are also no co-op campaigns, game modes like Battle Royal and King’s Murder listed. After that, I hope that the game will be developed even further so that we can have developments that have not been in any AOE before. Of course, there are also things that were not in previous Age of Empires games. For example, the civilizations, which are more different in the way they play, which I think is very good. However, there should be more unique units per civilization.

The developments should be faster for my taste. Especially because I would have expected the same features as AOE2 has already at release. I love AOE and I hope that one day with AOE4 we will have the best AOE ever. I wish the developers good luck with that.


too slow that is killing the playerbase i would say


Always happy to see a new patch =)

well , be thankfull that at least we are having them in a future.

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oh dont worry for that , aoe3 player base did the same and devs continued to develop it .

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well , we have an “stable” 10k player base , its good for now
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not to be cynical but i hope they don’t try to sell us a “AOE IV Definitive Edition” in a couple years that is basically just what the game should have been at launch. im actually really enjoying the game so far but it does seem pretty barebones for a 60 dollar game

the roadmap looks great. We’ll see.

After the next update this game will become the greatest RTS in history ever, the next major esports to enter Olympics and a compulsory course for every high school student. Trust me.

That sounds good news

actually 7.8k according to steamcharts. 10k is now only in the weekends.

YES , when players have the time to play if they work.

I consider that as THE actual playerbase.