Thank you so so much Devs

Making this as an appreciation post for the new PUP that we got, being maybe the second most flavorful update the game got and people still finding things to complain.

Can we give the devs a huge thank you for the hard work they just put into making new models for each Civ’s unique upgrade, reworking some of the revolutions, adding even more flavor to the game we love, new portraits and even the game files tease for Danes and Polish.

Most of what we see on the forums is “The game is dying even more” “This is historically innacurate” “Can we get this?” and very few congratulations.

So yeah, thank you devs for another awesome update, im sure a lot of people here loved it and want more of this kind. Growing the flavor details in the game is what makes it stand out from the AOE franchise and is what makes it unique.


Like you, I like this game very much, and thank the developers for their tireless efforts to update it. But one thing I don’t quite agree with is that you mentioned that the voice of complaint on the forum seems to be the mainstream. But if you look at the replies to those posts, you will find The comments that get the most likes are often those that oppose poster. In fact, I have observed that the vast majority of people, like you and me, welcome this update very much, and also recognize the long-standing work of the developers of Age of Empires III. So friends do not lose heart, do not worry, most of us players are very happy to see the direction of the game is now developing.


Devs are doing a fantastic job.

Take the threads about civ suggestions and ones about concerns as a sign that this game is a well-loved game! They’re annoying, but I just look at them as a sign of life for AoE3 - there’s a lot of passion out there for the game.

I love all these graphic changes and attention to (historic) detail for some of the civ nuances and shipments.


Our devs are pretty awesome and you can tell this is a labor of love. I have a lot of faith in them. As awesome as the devs are they can’t do everything all at once so people just need to be patient.

For the people that always find something to complain about all I have to say if I was a dev is " You’ll miss me when I’m gone"

We are in the golden age of AoE3. Enjoy the ride and support the dev team as much as we can.


Very thank you, devs. Reworked graphics, new civs like Mexico are a dream made real. I think about Age all my day. When I’m not playing I’m imagining or remembering appareances of my units. I’ve made some myself, thinking everyday how can I improve the game.

Is not what we all want? Complaints are not just criticism. We Report bugs expecting they will be solved. We denounce historical imprecisions because we want a more beautiful Age of Empires III.

Thank you all, players, modders and Devs, who come from both sides.


I’m glad the game did NOT follow the bland, standardized, competitive 1v1-intensive direction that some people promote (even the “new competitive AOE” with the safest and most mainstream setting starts to get more flavor recently).

The fact is any historical setting that is not a heavily fantasized version of the middle ages, sometimes also WW2, is a natural barrier for “the wider audience”. No matter how optimized for competitive gameplay, such a setting is never going to compete with (again heavily fantasized) medieval, SciFi or high fantasy. Those are the safe choices that at least do not hold you back, then you can talk about good multiplayer 1v1 scenes.
Otherwise, you’re already limiting yourself to a relatively smaller audience who are specifically interested in the setting. It’s a wiser choice to do an even better job at this aspect, instead of killing your own iden#### trying to be mainstream.

The world is full of niche games, in a good way. Not every game needs to have 10k ladder players. I’d rather have more games that fill different niches perfectly, than 5 competitive medieval RTS that all feel the same coming up every year, and 10 more non-medieval historical RTS trying to imitate them,


Definitely agree with the OP, the devs do such a great job on this game. I hope they see how the players appreciate it accept for a few people who whine about this or that. Excited for I the PUP to go live as I haven’t tried it, but everything they did looks great.