Thanks for bringing back Serengeti

Actually my favorite non-Arabia map in the rotation.

Allows aggression, no conventional 2 boars BOs which makes aggression a bit more appealing, no main gold, resources are few and sparse and you must not only control the map but also explore.

One of the best maps in the game imo.

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lame is the way of the game

I don’t think Serengeti is a map where you necessarily lame a ton. Walking distance for villagers is significant and you can “lame” deer at best and you don’t even lame all of the meat, only you make them all decay so the opponent still collects 60%+.

What I like about the map is that compared to Arabia it’s not “drop TC/Castle on main Gold, spam Crossbow into fast Imp Arbalest” every game.

i have never heard of the map hoenstly. theres a ton of maps i havent explored and i usually only plays a couple. that been said i do prefer aggressive game play because it requires more skills

Serengeti is basically Arabia, without all the bad stuff Arabia has, such as 3 TC boom and “main gold” defended by a tower or TC or Castle and such heavy emphasis on walling early on

It’s possible to wall on Serengeti but since your base won’t have enough resources for that long as Arabia does, it’s generally not the best strat.

It’s an open map, without being crazy like Land Madness or Nomad.

The thing I like the most about is is that gold and stone piles are 3-4-wide max, so you need to look for new ones periodically and expand and can’t have a 50 min game with your usual 7 tiles main gold and 2x4 secondary golds like on Arabia.

Isn’t it just an Arabia clone? Maybe a bit less easy to wall, but that is all.

also loads of cracked ground, so it’s relatively easy to get in

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Completely different, if you played it on ladder. Exponentially harder to defend with all kinds of holes in woodline, scarce resources and cracked terrain.

I favor Land Madness last rotation and favor Serengeti this time. Serengeti feels more aggressive than Land Madness.

I read this as “just Arabia, but a little less easy to wall”

All these open maps are just Arabia, but with a different accent. The main strategies are still the some. Only which strategy to pick varies and some are strong compared to Arabia, others are weaker.