Thanks for making the TC killed boars inedible again without telling everyone

No one:
DE: Boars killed by TC are now edible
Everyone liked that

No one:
DE: Boars killed by TC are now inedible again
The first game of the day: So you think you can eat that boar now? HAHA game over punk

The change is on the patch notes, give it a read!


haha yeah i saw it after.

Yeah, it was mentioned in patch notes, but would have liked to see developers arguments for reversing this feature. It was pretty 50-50 situation of people being in favor or against it.

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Hoang literally threw his entire qualifier into HC3 because of this change. The entire thing. He quit. He got into the habit of being able to do it, slipped, and was a split second late. Boar dead, no food, resigned.

Personally I think it makes sense that you cannot kill a boar with a TC. They already made boar hunting easy enough compared to AoC. I guess the real question is why they changed this in the first place. Looking at new scouting feature, maybe we’ll have autopilot dark age soon.

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We should be spending skill on balancing eco, fighting, strategic thinking, microing armies… the game is much more than that. Hunting boars is just a tiny tiny mini game. We all love big fights, massive farmland, big walls, buildings being rekt by trebs, massive naval battle etc…, Why should we be spending too much of our time and skills on hunting boars where are only 2 boars to hunt in most game? Whats the point and what’s the fun?

TC fire making boar inedible is unnecessary and doesn’t really make sense. These irrelevant minor details are not rewarding in anyway, only putting up a barrier for newer players but doesn’t really affect current players and the overall gameplay. Cutting them out is a step in the right direction.

Things like trade carts auto choose best route, villagers auto gather after building drop offs, farm auto reseed, attack move, auto scout, training queue distribution, etc… are great to have. This would be no different. Keep in mind this is AoE2 DE. Just like people who don’t like the new QoL in Age of Kings can keep playing AoE1, people who don’t like AoC can keep playing AoK and so on… Don’t like the new QoL improvements? Rather keep things down the way it was? There is an option to keep playing AoE2HD.


Yeah that should have been a rematch that was so sad

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Especially with the new goth buff hoang would have been so strong

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I can’t remember what’s the topic now, but at some point a dev reached on a topic here on the forums that reported the situation. They said that, although unintentional, the feature could stay depending on feedback/reception. As far as I remember the discussion on that topic had many mixed opinions, as you said.

So, my guess is that they understood that, generally speaking, this was not a wanted feature.

Poll is still pretty much 50-50.

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This literally made hoang lose his chance to be in hidden cup without even getting a chance to try. I dont get why its so important to keep. I just came back here after losing yet anouther boar to the tc… Its an automatic resign, for a game with so many ways to lose luring a boar shouldnt be one.