Thanks to new feature

this now possible


That’s kinda sick, how did you do it? :open_mouth:

using caravanserai’s effect mostly to switch heal between different class


wow that’s really cool!

it’s scenario or in new pup?

this is datamod only. i donno how ot make scenarios but it uses the new caravanserai effect so its only possible because of the new DLC feature

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ok that’s pretty cool thx!

Definately Star Wars feature :stuck_out_tongue:

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So you did it with AGE?

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Really cool

Maybe it’ll be in the next African DLC :joy: who would’ve thought we would get ram eles, frisbee throwers and a unit that actually switches between melee and ranged

yep with age3 x20 char

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Ey, this is pretty awesome. Just today I was thinking it would be cool to have this ability as a passive for a hero/leader unit (slowly heals and speeds up nearby units). Unfortunately it looks like there aren’t any triggers/attributes that would let you do this in the scn editor, but hopefully that’ll be coming along soon.

there is for datamod and the caravanseri effect works on unit, at least for now on this patch

Incredible, and great job. Custom scenario makers should take notes!

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Right, but that requires use of mods, no?. Still awesome of course, I’m just looking forward to when it can be implemented with only triggers in the editor.

I would not mind somehow an AoE heal for some monk civs as a research/tech.

Looks cool and give monks more flavour.

yea man it sure does, though some addition would betray spirit of the game. I think AOE2 is fine the way it is for base game and competition. its just when not played competitively it becomes bland.

Agree that circle of healing can be against the spirit of the game, but something like this Civ monk heal 1 extra close unit, 3 units at 50% rate or something like that could fit (if balanced of course, that are just random examples).

Byzantines monks heal 100% faster for free, so may be explore stuff like this for a few selected monk civs could be nice.

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how are you able to use this on multiple unit classes? Can you set the resource to add class numbers?

I use multiple units to rotate between classes, with each class only lasting like 0.03 seconds.

this is included in the multiple buffs mod v1, for details on how this work you can check the datamod with genie and see how its done with advance Genie editor.

mod is here Mods Single - Age of Empires