That Infinite 1 Gatling Gun Shipment

While there are plenty of shipments that make no sense resource wise and should be rebalanced, such as 4 grenadiers and infinite 1 rocket(thankfully removed), infinite 1 Gatling gun feels especially awful as its essentially an age 1 shipment in age 3.

at least add 2 hussars or military wagons or 4 regulars to the shipment and call it “Frontier Defense”. or make it infinite team 1 Gatling gun and 1 Military Wagon.

while on this subject what is the justification for 15 longbowmen and 20 longbowmen in the same age? or 14 musketeers/16 musketeers? at least be 19/20 and 15/16, also isn’t that longbowman card way overvalued?

also age 4 gems such as 11/17 ruyters, 9/14 skirmishers, 4 gendarme and infinite 4 gendarme??, 6 and 9 doppels, 8 and 12 abus guns, 9 and 12 oprichniks, 8/11 jaguar knights, or the most egregious of all, 2/4 light cannons!!!(a straight up doubling of value in the same age)

there is just no reason for this.


Totally agree! Rework the old and useless cards!

The doubled up cards are good if they arent infinite. It basically says that if you want to just ship units you’re going to face diminishing returns. Cases of infinite 500 gold and infinite 600 gold being available in the same age is a relic of the old unlock system.

Inf 1 gat I agree is pretty worthless. I really like the idea of adding maybe 2 regulars to it so you’re getting an “artillery crew”. That can bring the resource cost in line with what you would expect from an inf age 3 shipment.

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My favorite redundant card has to be 2 flying crows when China has 2 infinite flying crows.

I think it’s a cool idea make the card more worthwhile but I don’t think it should be regulars. I think it is a bad idea to have it be an infinite artillery shipment that also includes anti-cav. Perhaps state militia could be better so that the shipment mainly counters infantry and it would all be countered by hand cav. Btw making it an infinite team card would make it an infinite 1400 res shipment in 4v4s.

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2 militia works also. What about a Minutemen Battery? Comes with 1 gat and several minutemen. Maybe even arrives fast.