That time of the year... again

Exactly 1 year and 2 days ago the first Age of Empires IV gameplay trailer was released, leaving us all with alot of hype, questions and eager to see more of it. There were many who loved it, and many who didn’t like it very much but here we are, all reunited in the same place.

A year without news from this game we all want, without a single picture or new footage to fulfill our thirst.

But now, that Age I, II and III definitive editions are out, there is only 1 age left (not talking about Mythology besides is my fav one) to be released. Maybe is time to get news about Age IV again isn’t?

Their silence with Age IV and its development has been mortal since the first time it was anouced to the date, but i really feel - and hope - that we are going to have more news about it before this year ends.

I know that the COVID-19 has made things difficult for everyone in the industry, resulting in massive delays, but i really hope they show us at least a piece of the cake this year.

Lets cross our fingers !


I can’t believe it’s been 1 year already, this covid stuff made time fly.

Honestly for me the time is creeping… I wasn’t aware of the game untill a few months ago and it feels like I am lurking in these forums for two years already

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Well, it kinda feels like yesterday when i made the descontructing post of the trailers piece by piece. I was thinking in made it a series but welp only 2 videos came out xD

2021 is near… stay strong, brothers and sisters. We will get some news next year.

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Agree, although my hopes are fading we get news this year. Last chances are Game Awards or another Xbox show, but it’s more likely we get some news Q1-Q2 2021. It looks like Microsoft hypes Definitve Editions until Christmas first, then Aoe4.
Probably E3 2021 will be less important because of Corona and Microsoft continues making digital events, so I hope we get sth before June.

Just look at Firefly: They show progress of Stronghold Warlords regularly and use feedback to improve the game.
Relic should’ve learned more than enough from Definitve Editions feedback. Now after 3-4 years of developement they need feedback on their own game and enough time to change things.