That zoom!

I have been dying for a zoom capability in AoE, especially when you can create/play on such ginormous maps! Who else is excited for possible gameplay changes? Maybe an option for idle citizens to repair? Different or rebalances of powers? Different player colours or larger seats to host more than 8 positions? Let’s get some discussions going :slight_smile:

Nerf chariot archers lol

Make non greek hoplites good.

Also, Macedonians special bonus is a joke.

@Logoncal said:
Also, Macedonians special bonus is a joke.

Haha what. +2 LOS is fantastic for early-game exploration, +2 armor on hoplite line means they’re almost impervious to archers that aren’t severely massed HA or of course Ballistas, half-off on siege units makes ballista insanely massable, and 4x conversion resist means the single hardest counter to elephants (and, to a degree, hoplite line) is almost removed.

So I disagree.

I remeber that the AI enemys build so many Towers on the same place, this was annoying !

I hope they write a good net code, because play AoE 2 HD remake online was horrible.