The A0E3 Noob Cup 2 has wrapped up!

Back in January, I reached out to the AoE3 community for help finding players and getting the word out about my new tournament: Noob Cup 2. The Cup hosts players who have never played Age of Empires on the ranked ladder before. Now, four months later, Noob Cup 2 has finally wrapped up, and we have crowned a champion! Thanks for your help in getting the word out!

If you want to watch the cup from beginning to end, here’s the playlist:The Journey Begins! - - Noob Cup 2: Qualifier 1 - Testificater vs. Casper - YouTube

If you’d rather skip straight to the finals to see who took home the prize, here’s the link: THE GRAND FINALS - - Noob Cup 2: Finals - Hololive G. I. vs Casper - YouTube