The Abbasid Dynasty - incredibly flexible?

So when doing some summaries of the civilisations that are coming up in Aoe 4, I found that the Abbasid dynasty appears incredible flexible whereby you can chose 4 different areas to research in any particular order!

Sounds like a very interesting game mechanic. Also sounds like they’ll be the only civ to get camel riders and camel archers (at least for now)

What do you guys think about what we know about the Abbasid dynasty so far? Here’s a little summary that I’ve put together:

We know most about the Abbasides because we saw the House of Wisdom UI.

So its hard to compare to the others.

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i like the idea to generalize your approach with a focus on one thing. depending on map and enemy, you will probably choose differently.

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Its more like AoE3 where u can choose any wonder as u want, to age up , each having unique

Yeh sounds quite interesting, feels like each civ will be very different or at least the variability between civs seems alot more than in aoe2 at least!

Which did you prefer? Aoe2 or aoe3?

Yeh seems very adaptable! Comparing it to for example the Delhi sultanate, looks like with the Delhi sultanate you basically need to survive until the late game and then you can crush!

The Chinese with their dinasty system also looks flexible

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Definitely! Quite interested in playing Chinese

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