The ability to revert to previous versions of the game?

Let’s say an update happens. It breaks the game. So could we have the ability to revert to previous versions of the game (and use older update) if something like that happened?

So we could play online even with older versions of the game hopefully.

  • Yes. I would like this.
  • No. I would not like this.

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Much as it would help avoid individual issues, the overall compatibility would suffer too much. Imagine trying to find matches with people spread out over half a dozen different favourite versions of the game… devs constantly having to try to please everyone or just leave things in whatever equally broken state they were in at whatever point in history it was.

I’m behind this idea. It would at least let play the campaigns of the game.

In lobby setting it could be off by default when you look for older versions of the game.

There is. It’s Voobly. Yes, Voobly. There’s a Wololo Kingdoms DE mod now which does a good job of implementing most of DE’s QoL features and new civilizations. Even plain ol’ Age of Conquerors has a DE Balance mod which updates the AoK/AoC civs to DE balance and adds The Forgotten Empires expansion civs with mostly DE balance (Incas get free Scale Mail and Chain Mail instead of Blacksmith infantry upgrades affecting Villagers.) They seem to be fairly popular mods too as they each have a few thousand downloads in a multiplayer service which has 1k - 1.5k concurrent players every day.

It would be nice even if it disabled online connectivity entirely, for me being able to play offline is much better than not being able to play at all, especially if it is going to take more than a week to find and correct the issues in whatever the newest patch is - this is specifically related to crash and massive fps drop/lag issues, balance problems or exploits I have no problem with I just won’t play ranked matches, no big deal losing in unranked because of it just slightly annoying, and if it is civ specific lobby host can just ban the civ and kick anyone that picks it if they want

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I feel you bro! At least we would still have the game