📰 The Age II (2013) Forums are Transitioning to Steam!

Hello everyone! Next week (April 20 - 24), we will be archiving the Age II (2013) forums in an effort to consolidate discussion to the Steam Discussion boards, where much of the community already lives. There, you’ll already find a massive number of active discussions about the game, modding, and other topics pertaining to the long distinguished Age of Empires II HD.

Starting today, the Age of Empires II (2013) forum and its sub-categories will no longer be open to new posts, but will be viewable so contributors can save any information they’d like to maintain or transfer over to Steam. Be sure to collect whatever you need by next week, when the forums will no longer be viewable.

Have a great weekend! :+1:


This work is complete! Jump over to our Steam community to continue the conversation! =)

Why in the world did I put faith in Microsoft and buy this game through you. I should’ve bought this through steam. I’ll never be able to have an in game friends list that works now