📰 The Age III (2007) Forums are Transitioning to Steam!

In the ongoing effort to consolidate our channels and focus discussion where it is most relevant, we will be archiving the Age of Empires III (2007) forum categories this coming Thursday, October 8. The conversation will continue over on the Steam Discussion boards , where players can continue discussing the game, mods, and other topics related to the classic Age of Empires III.

Starting today, the Age of Empires III (2007) forum and its sub-categories will no longer be open to new posts, but will be viewable so contributors can save any information they’d like to maintain or transfer over to Steam. Be sure to collect whatever you need by next week, when the forums will be archived:

Have a great weekend! :+1:


Is there a typo? One time you refer to aoe 2 (after starting today). Was that a mistake?

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You are correct! Missed an ‘I’; thanks for the catch!

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RIP older games…


so we have a week to save info from all the topics? After archiving the old topics will not remain viewable?

One week’s notice isn’t very long. If it is planned to eventually do this for AoE2 threads, too, may I kindly request more like 30 days warning? Some people may be away on vacation, super busy at work or with family, etc. A little bit of time for more users to see such messaging. Thankfully, I’m not too worried about Age III stuff :wink:

I’m not a huge fan of Steam’s forum user interface/design, in general. I wonder, are you able to post screenshots on Steam like you can here; which is very helpful when getting or giving advice or talking about issues, ideas, and solutions? If not, that’s too bad.

Can we see the forum now ?? I have posted huge amount of data on thay forum but can’t see it now ?? Please help