THE AI need to calm down

FFS the ai is crap in this game, my ai teammate before built nothing didn’t get passed age 2 and built about 10 spears and we get rushed by enemy ai after 4 mins… AI IS CRAP!!! DEVS PLEASE FIX THEM


Just put on easy AI, that will suit you guys better. And if they come so early on easy than it´s anyway just a handful of troops what the towncenter can easy handle :wink:

You may be joking, the current AI aggression is so bad that I thought I was playing with a ####### AI aggression has been greatly reduced, even the highest difficulty AI can beat them very easily

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Who gets past age 2 and has more than 10 military by the 4 minute mark? This must be the best ai player of all time!

It’s not very clear what you’re complaining about. You say the AI need to calm down, which suggests that you think them rushing ### ## #### mins is “not calm”, and this is bad. But why is it bad? One reason it’s bad is if you garrison your villagers, the AI units will all die to the TC arrow fire, so that is a bad trade for the AI, and is therefore bad play. Is that your complaint? You would like the AI to play better by not throwing its units away in your TC fire? Or is it bad because you found it hard to deal with and would like it to be made easier? If the latter, were you playing on the easiest difficulty?

I haven’t played many games with the latest version, as it only came out yesterday, but playing against the easiest AI to complete one of the challenges, they did fairly steadily send spears to attack me, but it was later than 4 minutes, and I was able to kill every wave of spears as French just by going fast feudal then making knights, i.e. even though the units I was making were perfectly countered by what the AI was attacking me with, I was still far enough ahead in numbers and upgrades that I won every fight and just had more and more knights as the game went on.

( Don’t know why it’s replacing some of what I typed with #s, I tried changing the wording a bit ### it still did it )

AI, even in hardest difficult it’s too easy.


The AI was better in the PUP, AI seems broken now and refuses to go past age 2 and even at harder difficulty is too easy.

ive played about 7 or 8 matches 1v1 against hardest AI, and imo its definitely improved, didnt have 1 occurrence of it going full ###### like it used to, all the matches it tried to attack in feudal and fought all the way to imperial. rus was probably the strongest, malians the worst

still too easy for hardest, but much much better than it used to be, number of people on reddit have said the same

his allied AI was useless, his opposing AI rushed too soon. he wants the opposing AI to calm down, if his allied AI is going to be stupid. ie its not consistent