The amount of glitches in DE are quickly making it the most infuriating game i've ever played in my life

I spent the last days trying to play some multiplayer games just to get constantly disconnected in the middle of the matches, then today i decided to stop playing multiplayer and try the campaings, so I go into the first Barbarossa mission and try to get the achievement where you beat everyone instead of collecting the relics. I spend HOURS to do everything correctly just to NOT GET THE ACHIEVEMENT IN THE END. Then I try to load one of my saves and guess what? I CAN’T LOAD ANY OF THEM BECAUSE THEY ALL GIVE ME AN ERROR MESSAGE! I’m seriously getting sick of this game, I want my achievement and I don’t wanna redo everything again because of this super glitchy game. If I don’t get a fix and my achievement I’ll seriously consider never playing DE again.