The anti-units of Byzantines

The Byzantines is a civilization characterized by cheap anti-units as Camel Rider, Halberdier, Skirmisher. Why is Champion the exception? They have no choice against Eagle Warrior.

HCs, Champs and Cataphracts are enough


Come on enough allready !! Cataphrachts are best solution for eagles ! Also u can use champs …Even if it is not enough then go for HC …
İf you do not know civ techtree how dare you open a topic in that way !

Cataphracts are the bane to pretty much all infantry units. That said, they are pretty costly. You may need trade or something.

without logistica the cata isnt actually that expensive, and it beats even mayan eagles 1:3 without logisitca (including masses scaled at the same ratio)

what the balls even undiscounted non FU champs still eat mayan eagles…10:12 for a portion of the eagles cost


OMG, if every bonus considered anti-unit, only Cavalier line isnt

To be fair, the elite upgrade is still 1200f 800g, so quite expensive. I think it would be nice if the anti-infantry bonus of logistica was moved to the elite upgrade actually, leaving only the trample damage to the logistica tech.


Cataphracts. Eagles are very expensive to produce, so it’s a terrible unit choice against Byzantines.

Catapracts already deals bonus damage to infantry even without logistica. It’s 6 in castle age, and 12 for the elite, and on top of that you add the +6 of logistica.

Its deceptively cheaper though… No blood lines or blast furnace means you save those resources to get a unit that is still performing the job. We can argue over blast furnace, but blood lines is a must, where byz definitely save cost there. I think what tricks people is that the elite cata is bundled into one cost, whereas for example the Bulgarian cavalier is spread across FOUR different techs…

and in comparison you need something like 9 :12 cavalier to mayan eagles, as opposed to something like 1:3 catas to eagles.and you are paying 50res different tech wise for the cata (even if it is bottle necked at the castle)

Cataptracht needs 145 resources (70+75). Eagle only 70 resources (20+50) Elite upgrade is also very expensive.

dude even a normal cataphract will wreck eagles. an elite eagle warrior has 9 base attack and does 8 damage after upgrades and armor per attack to a cataphract. that means a non elite cataphract would take 14 hits for an elite eagle to kill. the same cataphract would deal 18 damage after armor and upgrades to an eagle killing them in just 4 hits. yeah elite cataphract is expensive but so is elite eagle warrior. cataphracts also attack a lot faster too.

furthermore their champions still wreck eagles hard, even missing blast furnace.