The AoE2:DE Online Community is Toxic. Do your part to fix it

We’ve all seen it.

This game is not accessible to new players (or returning veterans) because of the way players treat one another in the game. This goes beyond censoring naughty words–this goes to the culture in online matches.

As frustrating as it is to be in a match with an inexperienced teammate, bullying them to the point they quit the round only dissuades them from ever launching the game again.

Do better, AoE2 Community. I know you have it in you.


Sorry to hear that You or someone else had bad experience in the game, but I think “cyber bullying” in any multiplayer game is inevitable. It’s all depending on behavior and age of your teammate, enemy or spectator.

I don’t think posts like those help anyone or community as a whole and I would suggest reporting “rude” users. Quite frankly, sentance like “do better, AoE2 Community” sounds bad and I don’t understand if you meant everyone who plays AoE2 multiplayer or bullies.

I also had bad experience with few players that insulted me in the chat ( I only play RM 1v1 ), but it is not common here.

In summary, I think, “toxicity” is not trait for AoE II community. You can meet toxic people in every game.


I was very active in this community from ca. 2005-2013. It’s worse than it was then. I’m not sure if the answer is in-game chat moderation–a random spot check of chat logs by moderators–but I can’t imagine coming into this game as a new player and wanting to stay, given some of the things I’ve seen.


because there is more people now then there was then.
when you have a smaller community word circulates faster and your reputation matters a heck of a lot more.

now that the community is larger, it’s very much easier to find toxic people.

honestly, while i have run into the occasional toxic person here and there, by and large the mass majority of my matches don’t have toxicity. Especially if i compare to other games out there.

(I am in no way excusing toxic players, but I honestly don’t think there are that many people out there who are seriously toxic in comparison to other games).


The best strat against toxicity is just to ignore it.
Works also against toxic positivity or fingerpointers.

Totally agree. Most people are still not that toxic and enjoy the game. But ofc we need to be aware that with higher attention also toxicity will be attracted - and toxicity will over time slowly drive away motivated people. So it’s better to occasionally talk about how to handle toxicity, even if it might come from a wrong angle.

Get better?
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I mostly play 1v1 and 1 in 100 games I meet someone toxic. in 70% of games the chat is limited to
1: gl hf
2: ty u2
1: gg
2: gg
and in most of the other games there is a bit more convo but usually polite sometimes even nice

I think the big issue is in team games where people dont want to accept that it might be their own fault for losing and they start blaming their teammates. For me most observed toxicity is between teammates not from one team to the other. you can avoid this by finding a group of people to play with.

of course this doesn’t actually adress the issue of scaring away new players, for that we would need actual moderation, but that’s expensive. I wouldn’t hold my breath


I do think there is an aspect of toxicity in the community, but not necessarily related to the competitive nature of the game. If you play ranked, you should only be facing people of your skill level, with some freak exceptions notwithstanding where you’re randomly assigned a much stronger opponent.

When it comes to ‘bullying the noobs’, I’d also say… it depends? What do you consider bullying? What was the situation actually like? You’re only seeing the game through one lens and that is your own, but until you watch the replays or actually ask afterwards, you might get an answer for the reaction. Complaining about your pocket booming and then resigning when they see the first few knights appear in their economy while you’ve been fighting 1v2 since Feudal is not bullying, in my opinion, even if the pocket is a noob. It’s valid frustration and sure, it depends on how you express it, but many might consider tame frustrations bullying as well.

The actual toxicity in my opinion is a small subsect of the community, mostly present in third-party websites (AoE2 net’s side chat box especially) where alt-right conspiracy theorists and community member impersonators reside. I can’t expect all major communities to be sunshine and rainbows, but come on, at least some moderation is needed when there is a chat function.

It’s my wish Microsoft or FE, whoever develops the forums and game websites, would get their wits together and implement the functionality of AoE2 net instead of the clunky mess of a profile page we have right now. At least a lobby browser would be nice! Or improve the in-game lobby browser severely at least…


There’s definitely some stuff that’s accepted here that shouldn’t be. 11 when you win a battle, you can resign now at someone before the game is over, playing vil hide and seek after you’ve lost. Pretty cringe stuff

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good idea. Maybe just allow players to type number which
1 is gl hf
2 is ty u2
3 is gg
4 is long time no see

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Toxicity in chats can me muted by the player. No one needs to tell me what is toxic from what is not. I can do that myself thank you.

But toxic play, like steamrolling lower elo opponents under smurfing accounts in ranked still happens. That is a much harder issue.

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Communication skill is part of the team game, like football or other e-sport. You need to encourage teammate so that you will have higher chance to win the game

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The toxic community is a direct result of toxic dev team imo. TG experience is still bad. Elo calculation now dissuades smurf boosting, but family accounts still are allowed in ranked. The calculations don’t take into account individual elo, only mean elo. In spite of numerous suggestions, even detailed equations, the dev team are slow to respond (only 1 change per year).

It is difficult to communicate in TG. Lack of allied vision from get go, outdated chat interface lead to players not communicating often, and toxic communication. I believe it is the responsibility of the dev team to first provide their customers with proper tools. Without access to proper tools and in presence of bad systems it is improper to blame the online community and brand it toxic. Your title reminds me of all these climate change headlines,“Drive less and consume less electricity. Do you part in fixing climate change”. When it is in fact totally out of the hands of common people to make any meaningful impact by individual actions.


age 2 community was always GG, you can read on aoezone back a decade.
but now it’s even worse since most people are adults.

the worst are people smurfing, people having the yellow performance marker right away, and people not knowing how to play the maps in the pool.

well and then there is me, flaming in the forums…


Smurfs suck, lag sucks (performance benchmark should be higher so they use lower reso??) and map pool system also should get some upgrades. People on limited time wanting to play the maps they desire but can not, because of 1 ban in TG-s when playing solo. Its the worst system can actually be. I rather wait 10min on alt-tab or do something else on second monitor than play maps I do not like.
I played on voobly long time ago, always random civ nomad, or some other hybrid maps, now I just can not, 1v1 up to 4v4. Never liked the archer flank knight pocket gaming every game.


My favorite part of queuing up solo 90% of the time is being put against 4 stacks of clans/friends/whatever. Sure do love getting rolled because wannabe pros are still 1300s-1400s despite being in discord together.

The only toxic players I’ve come across are those that ■■■■ talk the opponent, or the gg, ez crowd. Or In another words the same players who’ll actively say you suck through the game and tell you to resign even if you are playing well and the game is even.

I come across those maybe every 50 games or so, and it’s always a displeasure playing against them, or even if the game was fun they ruin it at the end with their gross immaturity.

Players with ‘toxic strats’ are not toxic, and neither are their strats.

And most of the time players go up and down in elo, I fight players who’ve been up to 1300-1400 elo at their height and I do defeat them at times, but that doesn’t mean they won’t fall from grace naturally back to the 1100’s. Many ‘smurfs’ are not smurfing, they are honestly climbing the ladder, and they will, in all their honesty and effort, fall off the ladder as well.

Most of the player base is most certainly honest folk.