The Arambai

The Arambai is one of the most strongest units in the game, they are really good and funny to play with, lately and in last patches they got many nerfs, actually even with this they are fine but i have a small comment on their wood cost, actually 75 wood is sick, 2 Arambai cost 150 wood, 4 units cost 300 wood which is literally 6 farms/2 buildings! I know the unit is too strong, but 75 wood is really heavy, i think decrease the wood cost to 65 will be good and it is not cheap at the same time, what do you think?

Disagree here. They’re expensive because they can kill almost anything in Castle Age. Incredible raiders, as well. They don’t need any sort of buff.


Yeah i mentioned that, but 65 on wood is not cheap too, but 75 wood is really heavy here, don’t forget you can kill this unit easly with few skirms and archers

They still kill archers in any sort of numbers, and mixing a couple light cavalry is an easy option to kill skirms. I don’t think they need a buff. Expensive, yes, but I don’t think they’re too expensive for what they do.

They kill knights, siege, archers, infantry… Only REAL counter is skirms, which they need numbers for, and they can also use the minimum range of skirmishers to their advantage.


The 10th post about Arambai, also you long time ago:


Yeah i suggested a nerf for them long time ago and it was about their attack vs building and their normal attack which is (17 and 19 elite), and the devs did that by nerfing their reloading time and reducing their attack vs buildings and siege, but the cost here is really high on wood not cheap at all

Yeah i agree with you if they are cheap they will be really hard to counter, but i still find 75 wood is too much, maybe 65 or 70 at least will still fine it will not make them OP

They got a nerf. That isn’t many nerfs.

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You don’t forget the small details
do you :joy:…ok what do you think about 75 on wood

I think the cost is fine.

I knew that you will say this :joy:…ah anyway maybe all of you are right, this unit is too strong enough but still 75 wood is really heavy

And yet it still gets made. So clearly the cost isn’t that bad


If the only map was arabia then you would have a point, but in BF, fortress, and arena you have time to mass them without being harassed. So while making them cheaper would help Burmese on open maps where they struggle, it would just make them even stronger on closed maps where they are already very good.


“This unit is very strong and I realize that this unit is very strong…let’s buff it anyway, because I don’t like the cost!!!”
That’s not how balancing should be done :wink:


Please, stop. Your typical suggestions sound like this:
-Well, this civ/unit has several strength
-It’s balanced by some weaknesses
-I think we should make it OP or useless
-The reasoning is that one particular number in their stats irritates me
-Almost forgot, I need to compare it with something completely unrelated
-What do you think?


Question: Are Arambai still very strong and maybe even still OP in team games? I think Yes.
So do they need a buff? I dont think so.

There is a reason why they are so heavy on wood. They dont need to be massed easily.

Also look at other units: For example battle elephants: 120 food! That is more then 2 vills! Do you know how many resources you can gather with those 2 vills?! That is kind of the same kind of logic as you use in the first post… Do you also think Battle elephants need to be cheaper?


Your point here is that Arambai is only good in team games, i agree about battle elephants because you will never see them in 1v1, but unlike Burmese other battle elephants civs have many choices, but for Burmese the best thing they gave is their UU

I don’t think that this is a problem, FC into 2 castle arambai it’s still a good and popular strategy, so I don’t think that they need a buff.

Arambai are pretty strong but I wouldn’t consider them a top top UU. The bad accuracy hurts because against a few units or staggered formations they miss a lot. Even when raiding, a small group of Arambai will miss moving vills before Ballistics so much especially if the defender is smart to send a few pikes so you have to fire from a far. A tower nearby pretty much forces Arambai to run. If you can get really up close to the vills and there is nothing on defense yes they can do serious damage but by mid-Castle a lot of civs can hit an unprepared opponent pretty hard so that isn’t saying much. Arambai are pretty expensive and take Castles to mass. I fail to see how they are a lot better than a cheaper earlier attack of Horse Archers which ever Central Asian civ can do.

Anyways I wouldn’t buff or nerf this unit IMO. It’s unique and just right in strength. Conquistadors are the most comparable unit and I find them just as good. They have a worse damage output because they fire slower but much better accuracy.

Uh they just multiplied the attack rate of the normal version by 1,1, it’s only one small nerf. To be honest I doubt many people had perfectly timed micro to fully abuse the 2 fire rate so the change might not be that much at all.