The arbalester's armoured image is so wrong that it's funny

This is how an arbalester looks like:


But this its real armour: 0 / 0. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Less than any other ranged unit in the whole game, which already includes 40+ civs.! :joy:

Even more funnily, armour is the last thing that gets upgraded on archers. Last sunday, in the BoA3 final, Liereyy co-won game5 with a big ball of Briton arbs with soon Yeomen range (+6!), and yet, still not a single archer armour upgrade. Post-imp. ball of 90 arbs, and still 0 / 0 armour.

image (see BoA3 final, game5, gametime 40min40).

There is a very big discrepancy between a misleading image suggesting archers to be very tanky, whereas they’re squishy without parallel. Not to mention no archer has less HP than an arbalester, which makes it even squishier.

The arbalester’s image is wrong. Not the biggest deal ever, but at the very least it’s funny as yet another AoE paradox.



I’m sorry… what?

good spot, ty for noticing.

It looks too cool to even consider changing.


I mean, the unit itself is also similarly armoured. But then again, you have Eagle Warriors who are in feathers and somehow resist arrows completely, so yes, one of those AoE2 things.

However, I’d say that the icon is pretty small to be readable in game, so I don’t think people would make a wrong assumption off it.



Worst paradox is still a naked villager dying slower to xbows than a castle age pikeman in chain mail and a helmet

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Wait until you see the arbalester hero in Joan of Arc 11

If we are going to complain about icons, we need to fix upgrades so low elo legends stop getting supplies or other useless upgrades long before they actually need them.

Ethiopians have Knights.
Malians Villagers are white.
Scorpion is actually alive.
Castle is only 4 times bigger than a House.
Outpost is almost shorter than a Knight.
Archers can take down a Stone Wall.
Female Villager works as efficiently as Male Villager.
Longswords are faster than Archers.
Sheeps can scout the map.
Deserted terrain doesn’t slow down units.
Vikings vs. the Byzantines, Sure.
Archers dont cost Food.

yada yada :slight_smile:


No problem with that, it’s fine


Spinning yarn and producing textiles was perhaps the biggest drain of work hours in the ancient and medieval work, after farming.

Still, it’s a half decent example of an abstraction that serves gameplay. I do not want to deal with male villagers dragging their heels working with sheep or on farms or being too close to a Town Center researching loom because they’re men and they’re strong and they want to be lumberjacks. How are they ever going to get a date as a shepherd?

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Lol, true 1111111111111

This post is more based on facts than this forum allows.