The Aztec troops were too restrained by Skirmisher

On a treaty match you shouldnt be fighting in age III

I write here since there hasnt been any balance patch. @dansil92 @Kingfisher1787 @WildIce34250301 @toaf17
How are aztecs suppoused to kill Gatling Camels?? AKs doesnt have a extra bonus vs them like culverins do. And ERKs dont work either, they die too fast due to AoE

Also, AKs are infantry, heavy infantry, light infantry, siege soldier and siege troop. Which unit does the most damage vs them?? xd

why wouldn’t arrow knights do bonus damage to gatling camels, they have the artillery tag no? Also they have abstract cav tag so theoretically jpk are able to knock them out quickly if they connect. As for arrow knights, pretty much everything that moves counters them now, I’d make the assumption that abus are the hardest counter to them but I’m not entirely certain.

Edit: because AK deal ranged dmg and gatling camels only have 30rr they honestly deal huge damage in comparison to the usual 75rr artillery. With culvs its irrelevant, but for these lads its a hidden advantage, since they’re tuned to deal with 75rr cannon.

I mean, Culverins have x2 vs GCamels on top of their bonus vs Artillery (which is countered by Cav malus) while AKs dont.

Also, GC have penalty vs Artillery while have bonus vs AKs due to them being infantry

yes but as mentioned above they deal ranged dmg so they do 2.8x as much dmg to gatling camels than they do to other artillery. Also camels should theoretically have a 0.5x vs arrow knights like most artillery. If they don’t, I would classify that as a bug and it should be reported

I havent seent it listed on the wiki and AKs didnt seem to work in-game vs Ethiopian camels.

sounds like time for some editor tests and a possible bug report

After scenario testing (Without any upgrade/card):

AKs deal 30 damage to GC = 11× 5.25 Art×0.75 Cav ×0.7 armour. 11 shots needed

AKs vs Culvs 14 = 11 x 5.25 x 0.25. 20 shots needed.

Culverins deal 160 to GC = 40 × 4 Art x 0.5 Cav x 2 GC. 2 shots needed.

Culvs vs Aks 70 = 40 x 1.75 siegeunit. 3 shots needed.

GC deal 210 to AKs = 14 x 2 Inf × 1.25 HeavyInf × 6 shots. 1 shot needed (plus AoE damage)

GC to Culvs 29 damage = 14 x 6 shots x 0.34 Art. 10 shots needed.

You can see how AKs kill GC as bad as GC kill Culverins

PD: of course AKs cost 2 pop vs Culvs 4 vs GC 5pop. But numbers are far from being the double

The problem of Aztec units are just they are too weak in their role.

AK counter artillery very ineffective compared to other anti artillery unit.
ERK can’t counter artillery, musk like goon, can’t catch cav.
And it is well-known Aztec is helpless facing inf…

I made a unit for Aztec: the Cuachicqueh. I’ve tried them and they are useful, powerful, and —I feel— not broken.
If somebody wanna try them, here they are: