The balance problem

I’m not sure, but it seems that chinese haven’t get even single victory in tournament since empire cup this year.I watched the game from esoctv and esoctv2. It has been the civil with lowest win rate. So please someone from esoc community tell me whether we should enhance it next edtion.

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I have only watched some tournament matches, from what I could observe, the chinese civ appear to have an increadelous to notifiable military weakness versus Heavy Cavalry in all ages, especially in Age II.
As a result, good players pressure the Chinese Civ through this awareness until victory is claimed. Which is as it should be, probably.
Overall otherwise, the Chinese Civ is diverse, but slightly missing something…

I think it could be thematic if the Chinese Monks or Wall-pillars could get the ability to build/become ‘Torch-Pillars/Beacon Towers’. As per the Chinese methods; The Torch pillars would be lit on sighting enemy units, through different codes viewable far from walls & base the Chinese would become aware of incoming numbers and types of foes.
According to historical texts, the Torch Pillars was a countermeasure for Chinese against the various Cavalry nations ravaging outside their walls.

Torch Pillar/or Beacon Tower

Basicallys a cheap wooden static scout-pillar that reacts with a visual on minimap on sighting armies in its visual range. With 3-4 different colors it can display, each color at 1-3 different nyances/shades.
15-50 wood Cost, depending om sight-range.

I couldn’t find the Torch-Pillars from my memory when quickly googling, but I found ‘Beacon Towers’ on the Chinese Walls. I think the Torch-Pillars is what the Chinese Civ could need.

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Considering how determined Chinese Culture is on using Fields for production of resources… maybe their market could have some upgrade which at the expense of reducing their ability to ‘hunt’, further raise their ability to use their fields.

From my perspective:
This would lower the transition challenge for Chinese as a turtler in late-colonial age and be a noteable improvement for their eco mid and late-game.

If implementing this change, the chinese could be stripped off some eco boost from late-game in exchange for this ‘Field Culture’ improvement. Unless the Chinese actually needs an eco buff for lategame.)

Why not a Card?
Cause the Chinese player is likely already in need of spending 1 card on lowering the cost of constructing their Rice Paddies/Fields when transitioning over to them.

Historically, info on this got to exist somewhere…

Yes, chinese pikemen are so weak and kheshig are even weaker,,,,I think maybe game developer wanna chinese make lots of troops to make up its weakness, but sadly, chinese ECO is too bad to do so in age 2.the extra 20 population didn’t mean anything in early game.

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If Chinese Artillery or Ranged Infantry gained better damage versus Cavalry, then chinese players would be able to play like the history tales; behind the walls (cause the walls would soak damage while chinese ranged armies picks off the Cav).

Edit: Currently

The Chinese have access to one card in Age II which ships their specific pikemen.
Also, another card grants the ‘Wakou Pirate’ Unit through a 500 gold-cost Card which brings 1 Wakou Junk which then can train the Wakou Pirate…, requires a water-flag though.
Currently Chinese players can spam some Villages to then train various Outlaws versus the enemy’s Cavalry in Age II.
An Early Disadvantage versus Heavy Cavalry is very obvious. Worse is that the weakness ever seem to change.

The Card “Mandarin Duck Squad” is miscalculated if all it grants is 8 units and 1 Flamethrower at +500 food cost. The Food Cost should be neglected if its HC 25 requirement remains. Otherwise, the card should be HC 0.

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You’re discussing all the tricks Chinese used to counter nomads and all, but in AoE3 they’ve got mongolian units, plus their leader is a Mandchu right? So it would end up being quite weird.


Chinese won several games in week 1 of the EPL. Check out Mitoe’s game specifically.

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I don’t know much about Mongolian units and culture and such, but doesn’t Mongolian army-Lineup include the ‘Horse Archer’ Ottoman got ?

yes, and kheshig is from 13~14 century,really weird

yes, I have just enjoyed his match with iamtruck, but he is one of the best player, he is brigade. Only his win can’t change the total low win rate.

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Turks got nomadic origins so the cav archer represent that I guess.

Well, if the Chinese can’t recieve a decent Light-Cav Unit, how did the chinese defeat cavalry? I am quite certain they had some ranged unit capable of doing it… maybe a chinese Heavy-Infantry or light-infantry unit with specialisation versus light Cav & versus Heavy Cav ?
Maybe a toss gun-powder granade which slows movement of Cav ?

well, it seems that the most obvious problem is in age 2, even the best player can not deal with the rush.