The beginning of a wonderful friendship

I was absolutely blown away when I heard the news that there is a Minecraft Legends crossover event. I literally just got back into Minecraft because of the new update in that game, so that was perfect timing. What also made it perfect timing was that I finished writing the lyrics for a rap battle involving Minecraft Steve last night, and I made a sly AoE2 reference. If only I knew…

Anyway, I hope this is just the beginning. After all, Evokers in Minecraft shout “Wololo” and “convert” blue sheep to red ones, which is a cool reference. I hope someday there are even more skin events acting as a crossover with Minecraft.

PS: I am eternally grateful to the devs for fixing the AI player names for the Cumans, Lithuanians, and Tatars.


When I first read this, I assumed it was some kind of sarcastic or satirical post that I didn’t really get… But no! There really is a Minecraft crossover event!

So my reaction is: What?! Also, what!?


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It’s certainly bizarre and off-the-wall, but we shouldn’t be too surprised. Minecraft Legends is an RTS, after all, and both IPs are owned by Microsoft. Plus, there have already been nods to Age of Empires in Minecraft, so who’s to say it can’t go the other way?