The biggest tax collection issue remains even though it was solved months ago

Hello there!

I know the new patchnotes came out and the changes for Chinese are extremely worrying. Small buffs via villages and granaries, but at the same time massive nerfs for officials, villages and granaries all at once, which cancels each other out. Meanwhile the devs just tossed out a 50 bonus starting wood for English like its nothing.

But I’m not here to talk about this today. I want to talk about the fact that this patch was another opportunity to fix tax collection, sadly another opportunity missed.

So whats the issue you ask? Chinese cannot gather tax from far away ressource buildings and from production buildings at the front. Its simply not feasable to send your Officials across the map.

Even with the new 80 gold per trip. Its too risky and the opportunity cost is too great.

Also keep in mind if the nerfs to officials go through, losing them is detrimental since they take up more than 1 villager in train time.

But wait? Didn’t the community have a solution for this many months ago?

Yes of course! I suggested this myself in the stress test!

Easy solution to fix this issue: Tax can now be dropped off at Keeps. Players always build keeps in the front to secure ressource locations. And they also build production buildings next to keeps to reinforce the front line. None of this tax is ever collected. But it could be! With this one simple change.

Thats it! Hoping to see this change in the next patch!


This is a pretty good idea!
Specially when you go for song boom you will have to continually expand to get more ressources and having imperial officials making long journeys to collect tax is not the most ideal.
Regarding the other changes i think they were quite clever. The early villages can really help with deffending annd protecting villagers from raids. Gotta wait and see how the changes turn out.

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Excuse me but , what changes? im not informed i guess