The Boar attacks the closest unit to it regardless of what team touched it first

Is this really the intended design that the boar can be forced to aggro nearby enemy units by attacking the boar yourself then running away near your enemy??? This strat works really well early in the game when a scout can trigger the boar and have the boar attack your vil/infantry near it?

Assuming this is an oversight the community members are catching on and abusing this “5head tech”…

Where can I see a video of that?

I saw this in a recent Drongo video, and I hope it’s intended.

I would love to see it apply to wolves as well, and for sheep to be aggroed as well, which would force interesting interactions with Rus games, as it wouldn’t always be easy to lure wolves across the map to TC if you have sheep in town that you want to keep.

And why would aggroed wolf chase an armed horseman instead of going after their sheep?

Someone should mod this to see how it plays.