The bug of warrior priest

The warrior priest of Aztec has a bug that they don’t have a punishment of attacking and the rate of ceremony after they are switched to the cover mode.

As you can see, the first picture shows 10 warrior priests in melee mode. they have 18 attack and increase the damage to units by 21%.

in second picture, when the warrior priests switched into cover mode, their speed decreased to 50%, but their attack still are 18, and the effect of ceremony also be 21%

not only war ceremony, but all ceremony are in this way. In my opinion the effect of ceremony
and attack should only have 50% too.


Hi @LongBowWall, thanks for the report. We are now tracking this issue.

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thanks bro :laughing:

and my friend found another bug:

the Alliance of German Consulate just -15% to Banner Army Food cost now, but it still +20% Food cost when rescind the covenant. which will make the Banner Army become more and more expensive, like this.

sorry for Chinese in this pic, but i’m too lazy to play again lol.

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Thanks for the report. We’re already tracking that issue as well. :+1: