The building delay "bug"

Hello, this is not an issue from this specific version but it’s not been adressed, whenever someone wants to place a building and then another really fast (shortcuts), there is a delay in between resulting in a building being placed (a barrack in this case since it’s on my B key), this never happened in older versions, is it possible to shorten the delay after you place a building?

Hi @XavierTenka
Could you give some detailed steps to repro the issue?

Whenever you build someothing with hotkeys (example, a farm) I’d go B->F-> Click but sometimes I want to build a house after it, once I place a farm’s foundation I should do B->E to get a house, however it doesn’t reset and barracks are selected (B hotkey)

Expecte sequence:
B->F->Click (foundation)->B->E = house and farm
Problem I have:
B->F->Click (foundation)->B-> (to build) Barracks selected

Do you have this issue in Definitive Edition or in HD edition?

Definitive Edition


I couldn’t reproduce this issue. Could you try to reproduce with “Definitive Hotkeys” selected?
Can you record a video showing the issue?