The Byzantine Empire Civilization Suggestion

It feels so wrong to pick HRE instead of the Eastern Roman Empire… Such a bad decision

To me, Byzantine make more sense than the Eastern Roman Empire since Holy Roman Empire isn’t the Western Roman Empire

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I don’t think they ever decided between those two.
They are both totally different Civilisations that just have a similar name.
If anything they were choosing between the Byzantine Empire and the Rus to represent Eastern Europe.

But Byzantine is the the Eastern Roman Empire.


Of course, you’re right, but i thought the name “byzantine empire” was used when it stoped with turkey part of it,
when “ERE” was used when it went all the way down to Egypt.

You want to turn Byzantines into Catholics? :smiley:

Without Byzantines our map of middle-ages Eurasia has a huge hole in it between the Abbasid and HRE/Rus.

I would really like to see civs that weren’t as prominent in AOE2. Tamil, Hungarians, Ethiopians, Berbers, Myinsaing (Burma). However, Byzantines are too huge to skip over.


How on earth did you come to the conclusion that the HRE is the replacement for the Byzantines? Rus is filling that spot if anyone.

Civs that would sufficiently cover Eastern Europe in AoE 4:

  1. Byzantine Empire
  2. Holy Crown of Hungary
  3. Polish-Lithuanian Union

Potentially also:

  1. Tsardom of Bulgaria

Please no more “euro small kingdom and nothing close to an empire at all” civ.

Byzantine should have been in the game instead of any euro civ and it’s pretty sure they will be.

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So you say that the suggestions I have listed are pointless? - “euro small kingdom and nothing close to an empire at all”…

You probably don’t know the history of Europe.

LOL. So the Byzantines weren’t the European civ?

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Byzantines are not european civ indeed, the Byzantine empire covered 3 continents and had a big influence. Not even close to those small european kingdom in europe.

There are alreay 4 euro civ, and those 4 euro civ wasn’t big at all, if you compare the influence of China/Mongol/Abbasid Kalifa/Byzantine with … england in Middle Age, you never pick england as a faction (nor than france). This game is enough euro centered in my tast ^^.

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I think OP kind of misunderstands some things regarding the nature of the empire.

The area of the so called Byzantine Empire was always something different to the western part which is the template of what popular culture knows as “roman”. The most obvious cultural differences were leanings towards spirituality and mysticism, while also always being regarded as the more “cultured” or learned part of the empire, supposedly lacking in martial prowess in the eyes of the west. Their spiritual and learned leanings show by adopting the christian faith early which really is more high brow then the rough warrior gods of antiquity. When the western empire fell only the heavily greek influenced part of the empire remained. It was never really a possibility to choose between more “roman” (western) ways or the way the byzantine empire developed.

The greek reforms (ditching latin as court language, while greek was always the lingua franca of the east) are already in the past when the timeframe of AoE4 begins. So the suggestion makes little sense historically and if you dive down into byzantine history you will find so much nuance and interesting stuff to differentiate paths that you don’t really need the unhistorical western roman way. I can recommend the “History of Byzantium” Podcast by Robin Pierson for the hardcore history buffs.


Byzantine is one of the major factions in Medieval era just like England and France.


If we do get a Byzantines civ, let’s give them the ability to make a special type of wall that’s very expensive but only penetrable by cannons and make it able to withstand lost of cannon blasts too before they give in, and also have the walls still withstand cannonballs for a minute or two after getting destroyed.

I’m suggesting this because the walls around Constantinople were this insanely strong.

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That would be super strong and OP. Just focus down the enemies cannons with their ranged units and you are invincible


Still historically accurate.

And lets have Mongols start out with a gigantic horde of cav archers, because it is historically accurate


Ok then how would you tone down my idea?

Just give them stronger walls than other civs

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How about we just include this part of my idea?