The Campaign - Mongol Empire

At the moment, we don’t know anything about the campaign for Mongol. Or I haven’t seen this information, but nothing has been published on the game’s website yet.

What do you think will be the key missions, battles and whether the campaign will be limited to the rule of Genghis Khan?

I think there will be missions about the unification of Mongolian tribes by Timujin into one, then a campaign to the Tangut kingdom.

A campaign against Khorezm. The Battle of Kalka, the capture of Kiev. Maybe there will be missions where we will reach Hungary and fight the Holy Roman Empire.

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According to the Chinese, the Mongol campaign is the shortest one (35 missions in campaign, 9 for English, French, Russians and 8 for Mongols). The purported mission list included Siege of Kiev (Rus’), Battle of Legnica (Poles and Moravians) and Battle of Mohi (Hungarians). The campaign would be structured thus:
2 missions of conquering Jurchen (Invasion, siege of capital), 3 missions of conquering Europe (see above), 3 missions of conquering Chinese (focusing on the siege of the twin cities of Xiangyang-Fancheng, one mission without further description, then the naval blockade and battle, and finally the fall of the city).


The Mongol campaign might be the shortest. But they will be in the Rus, Chinese, Abbasid, Delhi Sultanate and, maybe in Holy Roman Empire’s campaigns. So this simply means they have the most context in the campaign.

There is no Chinese, Abbasid, Delhi, nor HRE campaign.
They do feature in the first mission of the Rus’ campaign (Kalka). Other than that, they will most likely be used as a stand-in for Kipchaks (Kulikovo, Ugra) in later missions of the campaign.

This campaign will probably be the most interesting one, because it contains a lot of different enemies.
I think this was also the case in the original AoE2: Age of Kings.