The campaigns are garbage

This entire thread can basically be summed up as “play on a lower difficulty and don’t expect to win first try every time”


I wanted to get the achievement there for destroying everything instead of gathering the relics… I had to research ■■■■■■■ SPIES to find every last unit. :smiley:

But yeah, this is part of what I’m talking about, hunting for units because the AI that’s obviously far beyond the point of no return is just not resigning is not fun. Chasing the AI to the side of the map because it just keeps rebuilding its buildings is not fun. Not finding the last of them and then realizing that the reason for that is because it took its villagers to an allied base and rebuilt there is not fun.

This tedious stuff is really weird to see on top of the some missions being difficult as ■■■■.

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Well, what I’d sum it up with is “the developers made a big mistake by balancing the campaigns to their skill level instead of the skill level of regular players so they should correct that mistake”.

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You are being too harsh on the developers here, the campaigns could be a bit easier. But this is not even close to the level of a mistake, let alone a big mistake

Hard difficulty should be hard and not super easy.

If you don’t want a challenge then just play on a lower difficutly! It’s how it should be.

The old campaigns were always too easy even on Hard which is why I could never really get into them before but now hard is actually a reasonabe challenge … and easy is still easy!

The difficulty levels are more properly balanced now both for the campaigns AND for random map. Why do you want all the difficulty levels to be easy? Hard should be hard, moderate should be moderate and easy should be easy.

If the campaigns were easier they’d be less fun. It’s an improvement that hard is actually hard now. Hard is supposed to be hard.

I’m playing on a lower difficulty and believe me I’d lower it even further if I could.

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You missed the point. Point was, this was not a mistake by any means.

Agreed. Now they are more fun

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You completely missed the point. What I said is that people shouldn’t make fun of others for not having grandmaster skills, and that AoE2 campaigns are too hard even on the easiest setting. I don’t care if I didn’t beat brutal first try on SC2, it’s meant to be hard, I had fun and once I finally managed to beat them it felt great. The problem is when you need this kind of skill to be able to play the campaigns of AoE2 on the EASIEST setting.


It was the case that the AoE1 DE AI was weaker than the original game due to being buggy … but the devs fixed it and it’s not that weak anymore. DE1 has been throughly fixed, actually, it was just fixed so late that there are so many people who don’t know it got fixed who have already given up on it, lol.

I’m being too harsh? Well let me see:

  • some of the missions have broken scripts
  • the base campaigns are harder than they used to be
  • the game is running like absolute dogshit on my high end CPU, the stuttering is maddening sometimes
  • some patches even degraded performance, they are throwing out fixes every 3-4 days and usually there is some kind of regression
  • there are a lot of minor and more substantial bugs

So no, I’m not being harsh, if I was harsh I’d say that just like Age 1 DE this game got released in a state which should have never seen store shelves and chances are we’ll have to wait around 6 months so that we’d see basic things like a solid 60 fps with acceptable framepacing instead of this half broken early beta.

I was addressing the fact that you said ‘the campaigns could be a bit easier’.

But I’m glad that we’re actually both glad that they’re not, lol.

I don’t remember much abt AoE1 for when I played it back then, but iirc there was a mission that was extremely broken because the AI was somehow spamming ships non-stop to the point I couldn’t even build any ship without it being completely destroyed a few seconds after, and I only managed to beat it because I manage to squeeze a transport ship on their land (the bases were separated by water) and I built my army there, so their ships couldn’t do much abt it. Idk if this is still a thing in AoE1 DE. I don’t have AoE1 DE btw

Yeah, all two of you. :smiley:

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Pretty sure he meant the easiest dific should be made easier. Hard should be hard, standard should be easy.

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Isn’t the easiest difficulty already significantly easier?

I still agree with your points. Some campaigns like Dracula are nerfed and less interesting.
At the same time, Saladin is made harder and a pain in the ■■■.

I would like a bit more balance here.

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I’d be fine if standard would be… standard, honest. Standard is now “very hard”, moderate is “are you crazy why did you pick this?” and hard is “40 year old virgin wizards, buckle up!”


You are exaggerating here, but It should be more balanced as I mentioned above

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Not with the inhuman archer micro that the AI has.
At standard I expect AI archers to not even move when fighting infantry so the player’s swordmans can atk and kill them, but rn even my skirmishers struggle at times.