The Cataphract Conundrum

Archers and to a lesser extent Towers in amongst your woodcutters protect against HA until your scythes catch them standing still and make it an economical trade. HA even fall over quickly to Compies lurking in your woodies particularly with the previously bad pathfinding.

We are proposing here a unit that not only will scythes not touch but most archers won’t touch. 4 pierce means a chariot archer with alchemy will be doing 1-2 damage (depending if alchemy changed to +2), which can outmanouevere its hard counters and has enough hps that we might actually see priests healing.

I suggested Bronze and Iron Shield being added max and not on top of the +1 from Upatch.

I’ve used Minoan and Yamato Centurions before when in Iron against the spamming of Scythes.

Cavalry gets +4 attack vs infantry. But doesn’t seem to get that vs archers?

I haven’t played the upatch yet, but I would like to use cavalries more often. It used to be that you only used them if you were Yamato or something, because you basically did HHA and Cataphract or Centurion on land maps. Despite being inefficient, they were great for raids or picking off smaller groups or weak units, or even taking out some siege.

Of course, it needs to be balanced so that they are good when fully upgraded, but are so-and-so if civs are missing upgrades like nobility or armour/attack. They’d still be good for raids, but less for actual combat with these civs.

It might be worth considering the upgrade itself, either reduced cost or better upgrade stats - it used to bring 30HP plus 1 or each armour/attack. Compared with something like Centurions or Legions giving a bigger comparative HP boost and more attack. Even HHA, while “only” giving 30HP, it was an upgrade from 60HP instead of 150 like with heavy cavalry.